Angelina Jolie cold and haughty ? A star in the clashe

Angelina Jolie is one of the stars of the most popular Hollywood, but not with everyone ! A star in the clashe publicly.

For many, Angelina Jolie is a model of success ! Not only is the beautiful actress and producer is going from success to success in his career, but the more she flourishes in her role as a mother and she has been investing for over 15 years for humanitarian causes important. An impressive career, which earned him much admiration from the public. And if, as shown in the photographs of Angelina Jolie taken by Brad Pitt during their years of harmonious marriage, she has long been happy in a relationship, today it would seem that the actress has found a balance as a single person. But the star of Tomb Raider does not only have fans !

In fact, as reported by the site Metro, the presenter Nick Grimshaw, who worked for the british radio BBC 1

for several years, and interviewed many of the stars, has decided to swing on some celebrities. For example, according to him, Will Smith is “fake” and “extravagant” and Kim Kardashian is “nice” but not very intellectual and it takes a lot in the photo (we would have doubted). And what does he think of Angelina Jolie ? According to the presenter, she is “cold”. A notice to relativize, since it is sure that all the refugees from which went to the actress in various countries of the globe do not share it. One thing is certain, Angelina Jolie, who would be in love with a british billionaire, continues to fascinate !

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