Macron calls for Putin’s solutions to Sentsov, who “complained of nothing” by Moscow

Emmanuel Macron has again pleaded Friday the cause of the filmmaker Oleg Sentsov from Vladimir Putin, proposing a number of emergency solutions, but Moscow claims that the inmate, after three months of hunger strike, “no one complains about anything.” During a telephone conversation, the French president, became an international spokesperson for the filmmaker, has made “several proposals” to his Russian counterpart to “find urgent humanitarian solution” for Oleg Sentsov, according to the Elysée. According to Paris, the Russian president “is committed to respond to these proposals and has promised to “give items quickly on the state of health” of the detainee, who according to his family is said close to death. The Kremlin has merely confirm that the case of Sentsov had been mentioned.

Oleg Sentsov, a 42 year-old opponent to the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, fears that his end is near,” said her cousin this week. Sentenced to 20 years in prison for “terrorism” and “illicit arms trafficking” in the outcome of a trial called “stalinist” by Amnesty International, he has started a hunger strike on 14 may.

The French president has expressed his “concern” about his state of health, which “seems to degrade dangerously”. After this phone call, the prison authorities russians have announced that members of the commission for public oversight of prisons had visited on Friday the prisoner, who, in the course of the conversation, “complained of nothing”. Oleg Sentsov was denied a transfer to a municipal hospital, “explaining that he did not consider himself as a sick person,” according to the Commission. The filmmaker had already refused this transfer a few days ago, on the grounds that he feared for his health.

In the last three months, Emmanuel Macron has already argued several times in favour of Oleg Sentsov with his Russian counterpart. He had spoken of the end of may at a meeting in Saint-Petersburg, stating publicly the subject in his presence, and then he had sent a letter to “express his deep concern about the state of health of the filmmaker and ask him to respond quickly”.

He had mentioned this before the 15 July at the Kremlin

He had mentioned this before the 15 July at the Kremlin, just before the World cup final of 2018. The spokesperson of the French government, Benjamin Griveaux, had said July 10 that “basic rights” of the defence of Oleg Sentsov had ‘ clearly not been respected.”

Ukraine has called on the Westerners to “strengthen the pressure on Russia to release him”. Other western governments, led by Emmanuel Macron, as well as many writers, filmmakers, artists, and intellectuals, like Stephen King and Johnny Depp, or in France, Emmanuel Carrère and Leila Slimani, have called on the Kremlin to release Oleg Sentsov. The european Court of Human rights has asked Russia to give him “proper care”.

Russian artists, as well as the lawyer to the filmmaker, have called on the French president to work to that of doctors of the Red Cross to visit him, in the penal colony of Labytnangui, in the far North of siberia. “The intervention of Emmanuel Macron is valuable, because Donald Trump is silent and the Europe is not very active. France is first in line to defend it,” said Michel Eltchaninoff, including the association “The New Dissidents” is very involved in favour of the filmmaker. “He has been able to offer to Vladimir Putin to send independent doctors to prison or to transfer the filmmaker in another country,” he explained. His association asked the French to send postcards to the Elysée for Oleg Sentsov.

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