11 children, captives of a “sordid lair” saved by the police

Eleven children aged one to 15 years were issued a haunt run-down held by armed men, in the u.s. State of New Mexico, has announced the local police. Two men were arrested after the intervention of the police which has made it possible to locate, with the children, in “the worst living conditions and poverty that I have ever seen,” said an officer. The operation was conducted in connection with the investigation concerning the abduction of a child of three years old disappeared for several months, said the office of the sheriff for the county of Taos, New Mexico.

The research began last year in Jonesboro, Georgia, where Siraj Wahhaj, 39, has been charged with abducting his child — who has never been found. On 2 August, sheriff Jerry Hogrefe has issued a search warrant describing “a complex of fortune surrounded by tires and a wall of earth”, in the rural municipality of Amalia, where Wahhaj and another man, Lucas, Morten, were suspected of hiding. The FBI, although they have provided information and data on-site surveillance, “do not think that there were enough valid reasons to enter the property,” said Jerry Hogrefe. “Everything changed for me when a message has been forwarded by an inspector of Georgia, we estimated that it came from this place — the message sent by a third party, simply said, in part, ‘we are starving and we need food and water’,” continued the sheriff. Convinced that he “had to act”, the sheriff then claimed to have planned, for security reasons, “a tactical approach”, because the occupants were suspected of “being heavily armed”.

A show “heartbreaking”

On the morning of 3 August, a dozen officers have launched the operation, discovering in the slums described it as “a caravan close, buried in the ground, covered in plastic, without water, plumbing or electricity”, two men armed with an assault rifle AR-15, as well as five chargers armed with 30 rounds, and four guns loaded. The two men refusing to obey the injunctions verbal, the police launched the raid that ended with no serious incidents or victims. Five adults and 11 children “who looked like refugees from the Third world” were found “without food or fresh water” and “no shoes, no personal hygiene and dressed in essentially rags”, was described by the police, adding that the show was “heartbreaking”.

Morten is prosecuted for having hosted a fugitive, and Wahhaj was arrested for child abduction. Three women, suspected to be the mothers of the children — who have been placed in protective custody — were also detained for questioning. The police suspect the little boy wanted to be found in the hideout a few weeks earlier, but none of the people has not given details about it.

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