12 ideas to earn money during the World Cup 2018


The World Cup 2018 is approaching fast. In a few weeks, the kick-off of the first game will be given. You already have an idea of your ideal list of the 23 selected, the media are in turmoil and you don’t talk more than that at work… And if you can make the most of this opportunity to earn a little money ?

Whether you’re football fans or not, the World Cup can allow you to round your ends of the month, or even pretty much get what you pay for a nice holiday this summer.

I know you don’t believe me, really…

It may seem surprising to say it, but a little imagination and originality and you will see that you will quickly obtain one or several tens or even hundreds of euros extra.

In this article, as I did four years ago just before the World Cup in 2014, and two years ago just before the Euro 2016, I’ll provide you with 12 ideas to make money during the World Cup 2018.

1. The most obvious : betting on the outcome of matches

The most obvious way of earning money through the football World Cup …. it is to bet.

Thank You Captain Obvious!

Unfortunately, this is perhaps the most risky, but also one of the more remunerative if all goes well. It is, therefore, to bet on the matches of the World Cup and hope to rake in handsome gains.

On this blog I have already offered a guide to sports betting. However, be careful, this kind of international competition is often the place of unexpected surprises. Remember, in 1998, no one expected France. Or Greece in 2004. So this is the opportunity to win money on big ratings, but can also be a way to lose on the favorites.

Bet is anything but simple. You need to know to bet intelligently.

In fact, it is a item Many try, but few really do happen… most of them have few bets that pass, think they have found the right vein… and then lose everything.

If you don’t know where to bet and on what sportsbook you register, please be aware that in France there are lots of different sites. Some offer better odds than others, or larger signup bonus. For my part I recommend you to subscribe to multiple sites (story of take advantage of the best odds), of which :

  • PMU (which gives you a first bet refunded up to 200 € with the promo code SPORT200)
  • Netbet (who shall refund your first losing bet up to € 190)

I know that many will take advantage of this World Cup to begin in sports betting. If you wish to be accompanied, or even make money guaranteed, then I would recommend the program 350 euros in France 🇫🇷 and the program 400 euros in Belgium 🇧🇪. Dozens of members have already earned 350 euros (or more) with these 2 systems

2. Keep children fans

While the parents are at the bar to see the match, you could keep the children. The babysitter has always worked very well, and during the World Cup, there are always parents who are interested in this possibility.

Go for a walk on Famihero or Yoopala, and submit it directly to your neighbors. It’s not eat bread 😉

3. Rent your large tv screen or projector

While not everyone has the chance to be able to pay a large tv screen. That said, people are sometimes willing to break their piggy bank to be able to take advantage of the great football competitions.

Then why not to rent your big screen or your projector ? A site like Zilok can make you service !

4. Sell customized t-shirts

All the world Cups and the Euros are conducive to the phrases remained famous, or the buzz in the media. Whether it’s in sentences of fire Thierry Roland, “and 1 and 2 and 3-0” or the strike of the bus, there will always be a good way to laugh.

So why not translate on a t-shirt and sell it on a site like Spreadshirt ? People (especially us computer scientists) love the t-shirts with phrases funny.

5. Write reports of match

Dozens and dozens of websites and blogs are going to cover the World Cup, but all do not necessarily have the time to provide a detailed summary of each match.

Then offer your services online, on 5euros.fr or Malt.fr for example. The style “For 5 € I write to you an account of a match of the World Cup”.

Ok this is a bit pulled by the hair, but you need to know to be original 😉

6. Start a blog on the subject

If you’re a big fan, you could start a blog on the topic and offer your own analyses of the matches of the World Cup.

And if it works, you can even continue after, to the recovery of the various european championships…

Ok, I’m not going to lie to you to make a blog it takes several months… and on a topic that is so competitive, it will not be easy…

But in spite of everything, nothing is impossible. In particular, if you go it to Instagram, Facebook, and you offer the account shifted and funny.

7. Resell your old shirts

In general, during this kind of sporting events, sales of shirts double or triple. Unfortunately, not everyone can not afford to purchase the latest jersey of the Team of France, the price is often exorbitant.

If you have an old shirt, so you might be tempted to resell it. This article on the resale of clothing tell you more.

8. Resell products derived from the World Cup

This idea follows a bit the previous idea….

It is possible to easily find derivatives to buy in bulk (for example, on the site AliExpress), and then selling near the giant screens. By applying a good margin, there is really a way of making days more than 100 euros by selling the shirts of national teams, national team scarves and hats.

9. Lend your vehicle out to supporters

If you live in a small village or in the countryside, there will probably not be a giant screen near you to see the matches of the Team of France.

But I’m sure some will be willing to make some kilometers to go to the match on a big screen…

For this they need a car and this is where you are going to intervene 😉

Sites like Drivy or Ouicar allow you to loan your car to other people. Don’t worry, a rating system ensures that you don’t lend it to anyone.

10. Sell drinks and food to the outskirts of the giant screens

Why don’t you go sell drinks and food near the giant screens?

It may get very hot in the month of June, so the cold drinks will be welcome.

11. Customize … a car collection

Starts to do in the original.

Customize their car, this is what Yanni Charalambous in customizing it to his liking a Lamborghini Aventador (normal you might say) to the colors of the World Cup. This is not really of good taste, but it has the buzz and have pulled some income and a nice exposure for her business.

If you don’t have a Lamborghini, a 2 HP will do the trick. The important thing is toattract attention, you already know !

12. Participate in contests

All brands-sponsors of the Team of France will organize a contest allowing you to win small or big prizes.

This is an opportunity where ever to win something. Ok, ok, there is nothing of course. But if you follow the advice given in this article, you will increase your chances of winning a small or large batch.

Details legal

Attention ! Some of the ideas mentioned above require different permissions. For example, in regards to vending, go for a walk on this link.

Therefore, I recommend strongly to you to inform you about the legal possibilities (and risks).

And you ?

All these ideas are valid for the World Cup in 2018, but some of them will give you a little extra money at other sports competitions : Roland Garros (June), the Tour de France of cycling (July), …

And you, you are going to watch the World Cup on tv, in a bar or you will win a little money ?

Credit image header: mediasportif.fr


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