2 Chainz’s Ex-Manager Reveals Why Nike Picked Him for Kaepernick Ad

2 Chainz’s Ex-Manager Why’d Nike Put Me In Kaepernick Ad?


“Lose 120 pounds and become an Ironman … after beating a brain tumor.”

Damn impressive, right? 

Colin Kaepernick thought so … and that’s why Charlie Jabaley was picked to be featured in Kaep’s new Nike commercial. 

Charlie used to be 300 pounds. He also used to manage rap stars like 2 Chainz and Travis Porter — but quit his job to focus on health when doctors told him a brain tumor from his youth had come back. 

Charlie tells TMZ Sports … he had always wanted to be a pro athlete — and after his health scare, he kicked his workout regimen into high gear. 

He started biking. Running. Swimming … and documented the whole thing in a fan-made Nike commercial. 

The spot went viral and caught the attention of Nike execs who were so impressed, they selected Charlie for a feature spot in the new Kaep ad … alongside LeBron James and Odell Beckham

“They put me in what I believe is the most culturally shifting ad campaign of all-time,” Charlie tells TMZ Sports.

“It’s just an honor to be in it. I love it. It’s so inspirational. It’s talking about the crazy dreamers of the world, and that’s all I am. I’m one of the crazy dreamers. So thank you, Nike.”

Yeah … you hit the gym today yet or what??


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