2 ways nice to cut the melon

The melon was all good ! Once one has found the good, enjoys it in the entrance or in the dessert, all alone, with his best friends (ham, magret, dried, currants, raspberries, cheese…) or cooked in a recipe was.

How to properly present the melon ?

Cut in two or in four depending on its size, the melon is usually used with its skin. To change and bring a bit of whimsy to your table, check out these two original ways of cut the melon.

Melon wolf teeth : commonly used to present the half-lemons, this cut is very simple to perform. After you have washed and dried your melon, visualize a belt imagination all around the fruit. And then create with a small sharp knife, cut grooves inclined to the line all the way around the melon. Turn the fruit on its axis to continue the same movement : the two nicks are coming together to create small V. once the full round is completed, the two parts of the melon separate, to present an edge serrated like the teeth of a wolf. Effect whaou guaranteed !

Melon slices : start by cutting the melon in two and then into four and remove the seeds. Using a knife blade, smooth cut flush with the skin to peel away the flesh. Press and hold the two elements together. Then cut slices of a big inch thick from one end to the other. It only remains for you to place them in staggered rows, by shifting the brackets : push-in and pull towards you the next. This provision aesthetic is also practical : you can grab a piece of the tip of the fingers on the first try !

These cut-outs fit all the melons they are green or yellow, Spanish or Cavaillon.

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