2018 Primary elections: Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington

Ohio Special Choice

The Voices of Ohio 12th District Fills The Seat Left By Republican Pat Patberi With Democrat Danny Connor Against Republican State Senator Troy Balderson. The winner of the special election will serve the remainder of the Tiberi term until January.

This is not a place where democrats should be competitive, CBS News correspondent Ed O & Keefe points out. Mr Trump won the 12th district by 11 points in 2016. Now, 31-year-old Democrats have sharpened the race for an open house that the GOP has held since the early 1


O & # 39; Connor gathered their volunteer Monday. He faces Balderson, a state senator, who acknowledged “It will be a tight race.” Balderson has received a certificate from Mr Trump and Vice President Pence.

 GOP Senate candidate Troy Balderson Campaigns at Local Ohio Fair

HARTFORD, OH – AUGUST 06: Ohio Republican Congressional candidate Troy Balderson makes a campaign stop at the Licking County Hartford Fair on August 6, 2018 in Hartford, Ohio.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Mr. Trump stumped in Ohio last week before joining New Jersey for a work holiday where he told the state’s supporters that they are “the real elite”.

He commended Balderson to be the “opposite” of O & # 39; Connor and suppressed Democrat as a “Nancy Pelosi Liberal” who is “weak on crime and borders”.

 Democratic Congressian candidate Danny Connor Campaigns for OH Special Choice

MANSFIELD, OH-AUGUST 05: Ohio Democratic Congressional candidate Danny Connor greets worshipers during a campaign stop at Oasis Church on August 5, 2018 in Mansfield , Ohio.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Salvanto: No “bellwether” out of special election

CBS News: Elections and Surveys Director Anthony Salvanto reports that no single district on Tuesday is considered a “bellwether” – whatever happens eventually on the election night will not predict November .

He adds that there have already been a number of special choices where democracies have surpassed. Ohio 12th district shares much of the characteristics of places that are competitive in November, so it will be seen generally and correctly as a test case if it is close or if the democrat manages to make an upset profit.

Biden Posts Robo Call for O & # 39; Connor

Former Vice President Joe Biden lent his support to O & # 39; Connor’s campaign by recording a robbery where he told voters that they needed a leader “like Danny coming to stand up for working families “, according to Politico.

“Danny is the only candidate on the vote who will fight to reduce the cost of care, create a good job and refuse to raise retirement age for social security and Medicare. Val Danny to Congress puts us one step closer to taking back the house and make sure we have Washington leaders who will fight for our values ​​- Ohio values, “Biden hears said in the recording.

A poll is open from 6:30 to 7:30 ET.

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