2021 may seem like a sh*tshow but its memes are amazing (30 Photos)

So, I have a question for you bunch of nitwits.

Five years ago, I got out of a 20+ year toxic marriage. I’m happily remarried now. Things are going well. But…

I fought so much in those 20 years, I seem to have completely lost my will to fight. I used to be so competitive, but now I have no heart for it. Part of it is physical – I have been fighting the pain of arthritis as well as my ex-wife for a long time. But where I used to fight through pain, fight for progress and promotion, fight for what I wanted… I just don’t have it in me anymore. It’s like a gaping hole in my chest where that competitive fire has gone out.

Has anyone else gone through this? Any suggestions for reigniting that fire?

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