3 mistakes to avoid when you have oily skin

The oily skin can be due to several factors : stress, lack of sleep, diet too rich in sugars and fats, hormonal imbalance, heredity… skin will then produce more sebum than needed, the pores dilate and sometimes clog up. Result : in the best case, the skin shimmers slightly, and in the worst, it lets appear of blackheads and acne pimples.

3 mistakes not to make when one has oily skin

1/ you are Stripping his skin

It is not necessary to use cleaning products that are too aggressive : it threatens to destabilize thebalance of the skin and have the opposite effect by creating an overproduction of sebum, irritation and imperfections. The hydrolipidic film on the surface of the skin serves to protect it from external aggressions , it is therefore important to maintain good health. Attention, the skin still needs to be cleaned on a daily basis, but with gentle care. As for the rest, it must be vigilant if your skin is oily : they can be made once a week, but being sure to avoid areas with acne pimples , as it may ignite even more imperfection. The scrub must be quite mild : it is especially recommended for désincruster the pores, so in the case of blackheads and dilated pores.

2/ Wrong to use care products

To take care of skin prone to oiliness, it is necessary to adopt good beauty routine. For example, the makeup removal is a mandatory step in every night before going to bed to remove all the small particles of dust, dead skin cells, sebum, sweat and other impurities that the pores are often dilated for oily skin have been able to stock up. Without this, it is the appearance of blackheads and button-guaranteed ! It is also important to take care of your skin with adapted products, which is not always obvious. On one side, the product drying appear to be miraculous because the skin is no longer shining, but it could very quickly hurt react by overproducing sebum. The other hand, products that nourish may clog the pores and make the skin even more shiny.

To take care of a oily skin, there are products tailored to appease, to stabilize its operation and regulate its production of sebum.

3/ Do not hydrate his skin

It is not necessary to believe that the oily skin does not need to be moisturized : quite the contrary. There are specific treatments for oily skin to provide thehydration without the shine. All skins, regardless of their type, need to be nourished and moisturized to be healthy and less fragile in the face of external aggression. If oily skin is not hydrated, it will produce sebum to create the barrier of protection it needs, which might aggravate the problem.

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