3 ideas of recycling and diy home cheap

3 idées récup et bricolage maison pas chers
With crates of wine bottles, you can make this beautiful space for lunch or drink to the kitchen. For this, it is enough to disassemble and recover the faces of the most beautiful in your cases of wine to assemble them to each other to create a wall chart to which you can add a tablet to extra always with the planks of wood your crates of bottles of wine. The recycling practical and decorative..you can also Discover other creative ideas with crates of wine

With 2 wooden pallets and a few slabs of cement or stone, you can make a bar outside for your terrace. For this, it is enough to assemble (screw on the one to the other) in the vertical, 2 pallets (that you have previously painted) and add on top of slabs of cement or stone that you can fix with a strong glue with a spray gun that is sold in the trade. And this is a bar for cheap..

3 idées récup et bricolage maison pas chers
If you have an old chest of drawers in wood or an old piece of furniture style serving kitchen or bathroom, you can make your plan of work for the machine. For this, you need to fix your ironing board top so that it fits snugly around your furniture and you will get a space to sort, fold and iron your clothes.

3 idées récup et bricolage maison pas chers
Discover beautiful ideas of recycling and deco for the garden
recycling original, unusual and decorative ideas recycling craft deco garden
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