5 reasons to get on League of Legends

With 100 million players in 2016, League of Legends is a pillar of the online game. Released in 2009, the MOBA, the world’s most popular continues to attract, as well on the competitive scene outside. Its hundred champions available, original and varied, which allows each player to find a character that suits him and use his skill set as best as possible. If you are unable still up to you to decide, here are 5 reasons you start on League of Legends.

1 – The number of champions

At the present time, 141 champions make up the roster of League of Legends. Each champion has 5 abilities, which are unique and distinct. As well, the gameplay will redraw each part. The champions are pre-disposed to a role, some will be more resilient, others will deal more damage. All champions can be unlocked free of charge, without having to spend a dime. Each week, 14 champions are made freely available to players. A way to be able to try before you decide to buy via the shop.

Mages, assassins, tanks, shooters, fighters and media are the 6 roles dividing the 141 champions of League of Legends. Fairly self-explanatory, these roles define in a first time the pre-arrangements of a champion. A mage will tend to stay at range, using its capabilities of long range to harass his enemies when the assassin will wait patiently for an opportunity to bring a fatal blow.

Since 2009, new champions are added regularly, a way for Riot Games, the publisher, to surprise its players by means of unique capabilities, renewing the daily lives of the heroes of Summoner’s Rift. Some champions are more difficult to handle than others, but all require time to be mastered. In the manner of a candy store, League of Legends lets you try any, you choose your champion favorite.

2 – A strategic dimension, interesting

In League of Legends, it is not enough to use its hands to win. In order to succeed to bring down the Nexus, the enemy, and win the game, he will have to use your head. Your decisions will have impact throughout the game. At what time to attack ? Have we enough time to secure this objective ? But where would be the opposing player ? So many questions that you will encounter during the game.

The strategy is at the heart of League of Legends and this, even before the game begins. And for good reason, during the selection of champions, it is necessary to take into account those who have been selected by the opposing team. Each champion has its strengths and its weaknesses and to maximize the chances of victory, it is proper to keep in mind and adjust our champions according to the enemy team. A strategy that will be transposed later on Summoner’s Rift, and facilitate your part or, on the contrary, will make it more complicated.

Of course, a champion well will be havoc. Then again, even if the opposing champion is more efficient on paper, your knowledge of your capabilities will have a big role to play in the unfolding of the clashes. The strategy does not stop there, and also relates to the time of reappearance of camps in your jungle or the placement of your minions on your lines. A chess game virtual in which the pawn, it is you.

3 – A multitude of game modes

Throughout the year, what are 3 modes of games that remain loyal to the Summoner’s Rift. These game modes also have their divisions such as parts classified for the modes Summoner’s Rift (5vs5) and Forest tortured (3vs3). To come spice up the experience of players, modes temporary make their appearance in the course of the year. The much-loved Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode, Ascension, Legend of the king of the Poros, or even the mode six times.

Each mode is unique and has its own arsenal. As well, some equipment is specific to certain game modes. The gameplay is unique and will require players to integrate new victory conditions. Mode Ultra Rapid Fire, for example, turns off the blows mana and drastically increases the statistics of the champions. Thus, the parties become constant battles, also decreasing their average time.

Even if League of Legends can rest on its multitude of game modes. Players can enjoy modes, unreleased here and there. A way to keep the players informed, especially as these latter are often accompanied by events in-game, giving you access to rewards, virtual, interesting, and easy to obtain.

4 – Play as you want

In League of Legends, beyond choosing your character, you will have to choose his equipment. These are available in the shop of the part and vary depending on your game mode, as explained in the paragraph just above. The equipment in question, will come and increase your stats. Or attack power, attack speed, or movement, resistance, life points, you can increase the stats you want. Of course, depending on your champion, some statistics will be preferred. The magi are directed more easily towards the power when the shooters have tended to focus on the attack and attack speed.

When one begins, it is not easy to know what equipment to choose for which character. Not to worry, at this level, facilities are provided for you to indicate the procedure to follow. Equipment that will not fail to make you win the game, the latter having been selected with care. Each hero can be equipped as you see fit. If you want to play a mage tank, you can. If you want to play a support-focused damage, so can you. This flexibility found in the game allows you to adapt to the opposing team, but also the needs of your team.


If your teammates have preferred to direct their choice on champions whose abilities are based on physical attack, you may miss out on magic attack. In the game, therefore, it is possible to steer your purchases to level as best as possible the flaws of your team. League of Legends is played with five players. It is therefore necessary to take into account our teammates and co-ordinate the best possible to maximize our chances of victory. A beautiful strategy on paper, but that proved to be more difficult than expected to implement.

5 – The content is ceaselessly renewed

About every 3 months, a new champion is unveiled to the face of the world. The last in date, Pyke, Kai’Her and Zoe, have added to the roster of League of Legends and allowed the players to discover new game mechanics. As mentioned previously, the number of game modes is also doomed to inflate. The temporary events come, on the other hand, spice up the gaming experience of the players and reward the most loyal through rewards in-game.


Beside of that, the game is also subject to change. League of Legends has changed graphically, via the overhaul of Summoner’s Rift there are already a few years, but also in its gameplay, with the redesign of the assassins and that of the runes. League of Legends continues to evolve. The champions are also modified. And for good reason, some, published in 2009, require a good polish to be delivered to the tastes of the day.

Especially as new facilities are also making their appearance from time to time, generally during the pre-season. In the same vein, some of the equipment will disappear, to reappear under another form, is to be completely removed from the game. The contents of League of Legends is constantly changing and the players can also experiment with different gameplay, to even the Summoner’s Rift. Each role offers a new gaming experience. Coupled to the one-hundred champions available, these roles will not fail to surprise you, even after a few years of experience.

If you want to discover more from League of Legends , and why not, you try the game for free, this is by here.

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