5 techniques that are easy to optimize web content

Among all the sites that exist on the web, it is vital to optimize your web content if you do not want to end up in the abyss of the world wide web ! In fact, if you produce content it is so that people can see it.

During the creation of an internal sitet a content strategy must be in place from the beginning. It gives you 5 techniques that are easy to optimize web content:

Summary Of The article

Define your target market

It will be necessary to know your future visitors and your competitors. For what purpose do you write? Who are you talking to? Who are the future visitors who will come to your site?

French and/or foreign?

Individuals or businesses?

As many of the questions you need to ask yourself to start creating content that will meet the expectations of your visitors and make them stay and come back to your site.

The goal is that users will regularly return to your site because they find relevant information about them. You must tailor your content to your target market. And you have to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors to be able to satisfy them better.

optimiser contenu web

Adapt the tone : Write for beginners or professionals ?

Do it the day before on the sites of your competitors.

You can then have an idea of what works and what does not. You can get inspired but do not copy. Create a unique identity to your website.

Structure your text

The structure of your text will first give your readers a pleasant reading which will enable him at a glance to understand the subject of your article.

In a second time, this will optimize the SEO of your content.

To do this: structure your code, rewrite to your URL, and name your images

Your HTML structure will be the following for each of your articles: a title, its content and its sub titles.

For this, each article should be composed of a h1 for the title and then small paragraphs separated by subtitles, h2, h3.

The rewriting of the URL can be in a better position on the result page of the search engines by placing keywords. In addition, this will facilitate the reading of your URL for visitors.

Well name your images with keywords and fill in the alt tag will also help you to improve your visibility on search engines

Work on your keywords

The key word is what types the user when its search on the search engines. The goal is that the search engine understand that your site responds to the user’s query and that it is the best possible answer.

It should be a keyword specific and relevant. For this, the best plan is to put in place

of your target.

Use keywords less competitive to be part of the “long tail” is a relevant strategy to take into account.

Also, use key words complementary, as a heavy repetition and spammeuse the main keyword may be penalised by the search engines and will produce the opposite effect. For example, you can use the keyword suggestions offered by Google. You can see the sanctions as Google through the Google Search Console.

Use variations of your keyword in the H1 tags and H2. Your content must be related by theme and keywords. If you want to go further you can read this article on the subject !

Work on content quality web

Just like keywords, it is necessary that there is a relevance between the search user and the relevance of the search result of your content.

It is essential to have quality content. The topic should be framed and it will be important to do a research of the semantics of your content to increase the relevance of your comments.

Write a content of 650 words to a minimum to improve your positioning on the search engines. Write short sentences and well-ventilated. Keep your content long and comprehensive on a topic of relevance to the guideline of your site.

Try different types of content: images, videos, and infographics.

Install the external links of quality to complement and provide additional information for your readers.

However, it is important to know that this is not the quantity of links but quality of links that will be taken into account.

Put also internal links. The navigation path will then be a shortcut for the user and for the Google bots. More the user will tend to stay longer on your site.

Remember to create your links with one anchor text relevance (the anchor text this is the text of the links pointing to a web site.)

Finally, think of the sharing buttons to promote your site. This will allow you to share massively your content and earn visitors to your site.

Treat the title tag of your page and the metadescription

The title tag should be the keyword appear, and indicate to search engines the topic of your page.

The title should attract the interest and curiosity of the internet user. A title well written and will be effective for seo.

Place your keyword at the beginning of your Title tag and limit your title to 60 characters

The meta descriptionis the small summary of your article that will appear on the search engines (160 characters maximum). The meta description has a great importance in the choice of the visitors of your site to click or not click on your page. It must be unique from one page to the other.

Always think of the query that the user was able to type on its search engine to be most relevant in your content, title and your meta description.

Here it is ! You now have all the keys in hand to optimize your web content.

In addition to the structure of your text, it is the quality of your web content (your text, your images, your videos…) that will make the difference.

If your visitors find the answers to the questions that they ask when they visit your site they will return and share your content !

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