6 exercises with dumbbells for arms purposes and sculpted

The dumbbells, accessories, fitness fantastic to build muscle and tone the area of the arm. In just a few weeks (provided you practice regularly with appropriate exercise), the arms become more firm and the effect of ” washcloth “ disappears… Bingo !

What weights should you choose to fine-tune his arm ? In most sports stores, there is a set of dumbbells for the fitness – more or less ergonomic, heavier or lighter, more or less expensive… In the ideal world, one chooses a set of dumbbells very simple, the weight of which is between 1 and 3 pounds.

I don’t have dumbbells, what can I do ? Don’t panic, it also works with water bottles of 1.5 L ! Otherwise, an alternative fitness : kettlebell, an accessory that can weigh 4 kilos, 6 kilos, or 8 pounds. In practical terms, it is simply a weight with a handle that is grasped with both hands.

To have arms thin and muscular, dumbbells are effective

Attention : the exercises fitness that involve dumbbells can have an impact… on the back. To avoid lower back pain, cervical and/or dorsal, is thought to bend the knees to each fiscal year or to bring forward the bones of the pelvis. And if it hurts, stop !

The supply side… Because to lose weight, diet is paramount, it must also act at the level of the plate to fine-tune the arm.

Concretely, one stops the sugar (which increases the storage of fat, particularly at the level of the arms), industrial products (which also promote the storage) and one consumes more fresh fruit and vegetables of the season. Emphasis On lean proteins (which “increase” the muscle mass) and oilseeds (which contribute to fat destocking).

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