6 ways to have style white T-shirt this summer

INSPIRATIONS – It was all a white t-shirt. Here’s how to wear it this summer.

The fashion sleek is always effective in the summer. Not only are you able to reduce the time spent to choose his clothes for the day, but it is elegant. In part driving, there’s the white T-shirt, easy to collect. You can have ten copies, and not to weary because one is not obliged to prohibit any fantasy with. A style effect made possible by a game of bowls, imagination and materials.

The white T-shirts a little large can be worn with a waist tight like jeans or a silk skirt. When you choose the T-shirt well great, it also leaves the possibility of tie to the waist at the level of the navel to free the skin of the belly, so a t-shirt cropped top. The feet, the basic love the sandals, like the sneakers and the heels. Not complicated, so. And side accessories, the small shoulder bag or pouch carried by hand promise to put everyone of agreement.


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