6 beauty products to keep them cool when it is hot

1/ moisturizing creams

Your care face and body can be stored in the refrigerator, especially during periods of extreme heat. In addition to preventing their formula to alter, they will provide you with a cold is very nice : there is nothing better than applying a cream face fresh in the morning to wake up your complexion. For rebooster your body and boost the circulation of blood in cases of heavy legs , for example, your care will be far more effective if they have been refrigerated.

2/ The hydrosols and floral waters

The floral waters and hydrosols should be stored away from heat and humidity as they are very sensitive to changes in temperatures and pollution. This is why it is advisable to put them in the fridge, especially when the temperatures outside climb. The effect decongestant cold multiplies their benefits and give you a feeling of freshness. Ideal to find a face bright and défatigué.

3/ nail

To ensure that they do not dry out and become mushy, it is advisable to place the varnish in a place fresh, whatever the season. These cosmetics hate the heat, which can alter their colour and their texture. You can store them in a box to not take up too much space in the fridge : to you manicures in the top !

4/ The mists

They are anti-pollution or are the ones, the mists are very sensitive to high temperatures and should be stored in a place very fresh. This will allow d’to optimize their efficiency and give you pep !

5/ The perfume

A perfume is keeps away from light and heat. The ideal temperature of preservation would be close to the 12 degrees, so slightly more than the average temperature in a fridge (between 0 and 7 degrees). However, there are devices specialized in cosmetics that can be set at this temperature so that the fuel is protected.

6/ The red lipstick

With the thermostat climbs, the lipstick may melt and become unusable. To avoid disaster, you can put it in the refrigerator so that the baton remains intact and that it is easy to apply.

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