7 Essential to Bet Wisely during the World Cup 2018


In a few weeks will be given to the kick-off of the World Cup 2018.

If you have decided to bet, here are a few tips to follow to maximize your gains and minimize your losses).

Bet intelligently, it is really what will make the difference between recurrent gains and complete loss of your capital… then read this article 😉

This article was originally published just before the World Cup in 2014 and has been updated for the World Cup 2018 Football.

1. Properly manage your money

In the world of online betting, it often refers to the ” bankroll “. This is the sum of money that you dedicate to sports betting. Above all, it is the amount that you can afford to lose.

In fact, betting on sports is not more or less risky than buying shares on the stock exchange : you have no guarantee of return in your expense – despite what many will try to make you believe, whether it is of prognostic or units of the company.

It is therefore essential to dedicate only an amount that you are willing to lose. If you earn 1000 euros per month, and decide to invest 1000 euros in sports betting, you take a big risk : that of losing a sum of money is really important for your life.

2. Do not bet that a very small percentage of your bankroll

Regardless of the amount of your bankroll, from the moment you have decided how you were going to devote to it, it is time to decide the amount of your bets.

So we are talking of units.

It is usually advisable to never wager more than a few % (from 1% to 3%) of your bankroll on a result. So, if your bankroll is 1000€, it is advisable not to bet more than 30 euros on a game.

The idea is always the same : to limit the risk.

And yes, you read that correctly. A capital of 1000 euros.

3. Start with a little bit of money

Even if you discovered the system of the century, do not rush. Try to follow the system by using a bankroll of 100 euros. This is not much, but you’re “only” 100 euros.

Or even better : don’t bet yet on the system. Wait to verify that it works, become familiar with the different bets on offer every day, and train yourself to place the bets without real money play. This is called bet to white or bet on paper.

When you are sure of yourself, you can go there.

4. Be registered on many websites of sports betting

All the sports betting websites do not offer not have the same odds for a particular game. These can sometimes include anything, including the results less likely (odds above 2.50). It is not uncommon to see differences of 0.20 between two sites, one of them offering the result to 2.50 and the other to 2.70.

On a match, it is not huge, but imagine that in the course of the year you win 100 bets of 1 euros. This difference in score of 0.20 becomes 20 euros. Not too negligible, no ?

My advice is therefore to be enrolled on several online sportsbooks and compare odds. There are sites that help you to compare the ratings.

I particularly recommend the PMU, which offers a first bet refund up to 200 eur to all new subscribers (don’t forget to give the promo code SPORT200)

Netbet is very well also, because he repays up to 190 € for your first bet if it loses.

5. Take advantage of the bonus… with caution

Speaking of bonuses, I must warn you.

The sports betting websites know how to attract new players : they offer bonuses very interesting, kind of “free money” easily earned.

When one offers you € 100 bonus for 100 euro deposited on your account, it is difficult to refuse, because the first idea that comes to mind is ” just give me 100 euros, and free “.

The problem is that precisely, this is not free. These sites try to make you believe that the bonus is without conditions, but this is not the case. To be able to withdraw from his account the amount of the bonus, sometimes it is necessary to bet up to 3 times the deposit AND bonus on odds greater than 1.7. So, it was Impossible to bet on the very likely victory of Brazil against Lichtenstein in order to ensure its bonus, since the implementation will not count for the validation of the threshold. And if you do not reach this threshold, the site will prevent you to withdraw your bonuses and sometimes even your deposit.

6. Choose the right tipster

Forecasters (or tipsters), there are plenty of. If you want to optimize your earnings, it is often necessary to follow one or more predictors to success.

However, not all are as transparent as they claim. This is why you must be wary of the absence of evidence or promise of repayment. As you can never be sure of the veracity of the evidence (if they exist), the best is yet to follow the tipster for several weeks or even months and see if the bets relate to it or not.

It is often said that it takes at least a history of 1000 bets to find out if a punter is really good. With less than paris, it could just be luck or a few series of positive…

If you want to discover the world of sports betting without too much risk, I recommend you the program is 350 euros in France 🇫🇷, and the program 400 euros in Belgium 🇧🇪, the two are managed by Peter, a bettor professional who I worked with for several years already.

Also, speaking of which, beware of those who claim to be “better professional” and sell their predictions. A true bettor professional will not need to sell his forecasts to make money (in these two programmes, Peter will help you to safely bet and maximize your welcome bonus, but offers no predictions on who will win and who will lose).

7. Demonstrate composure and patience

Once more, betting on sports is not an exact science. As for the poker or roulette, there will be a series of victories and stakes wins, and the series of defeats and lost. I myself have earned in 2014 nearly 700 euros, thanks to a system of betting on its first 4 weeks of use, and then lose a few hundred euros in the next 2 weeks… and then ultimately lose it all.

Sometimes, it should just be a little patient : the stakes victorious come back very quickly. If as soon as you lose, you remove your money, then you’ll never know if it was just a fleeting trend or lasting. Also, remember, you have decided to dedicate a certain amount of money to sports betting. It is, therefore, expected for this kind of series black. Be patient and wait for the positive trend to resume his rights – or that your bankroll is exhausted.


Follow these few tips can make the difference between losing and winning money through sports betting, and between earning 10 euros per month and 100 euros per month. Do not neglect it so.

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