7 spices refreshing to cook all summer

Learn all about the fennel seed

A native of the mediterranean region, fennel produces seeds which were used as medicines in ancient Greece. In India, chewed after a meal to freshen breath and facilitate digestion. And they are used worldwide as spices, raw or cooked.
Her look. Oval in shape, it is recognized that seed to its stripes and its colour yellow-green.
The nose and mouth. Flavour aniseed subtle and fresh, sweet and slightly camphor, which reminds us less safe one of the dill. You grind the seeds to release the flavors.
Gourmet ideas. With fish and seafood. To enhance a salad dressing, in a bread dough, puff pastry, confectionery or chocolate.

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Learn all about the ginger

In Thailand, it is called ” khing “. In Japan, ginger is primarily enjoyed confit in brine, with sushi. But elsewhere, it is eaten as fresh, crystallized in sugar, or powder. We keep the root fresh in the refrigerator or it freezes.
Her look. This rhizome looks like a hand with fingers very knotty. Its colour is changing from yellow-green to ivory white, depending on the age and the variety.
The nose and mouth. We love the fragrance of peppery, spicy flavour, fresh and mellow. The powder is stronger and less fruity than the fresh root.
Gourmet ideas. Mixed with soy sauce and toasted sesame oil to flavour all the dishes. In a cookie, a pie dough. It agrees also very well with the chives and the coriander.

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Learn all about turmeric

Also known under the name of ” turmeric “, this lovely powder yellow-orange active lighthouse curries. Given its strong colouring power, this spice is also used as a dye and cosmetic.
Her look. Turmeric Madras, the more current, is pale yellow. Alleppey, more dark, more rich in curcumin, a chili pepper with strong powers of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.
The nose and mouth. An aroma full of freshness, a bit sweet, with slightly woody notes and a delicate flavour of peppery, but not spicy.
Gourmet ideas. In a mayonnaise, rice, couscous. And as with garlic, the cumin, the chili pepper (which it attenuates said to be the spice), coconut, mint and ginger.

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Learn all about cardamom

In India, it is called the queen of spices and is found in all the dishes of curry, rice, syrups and beverages. It is also popular in the scandinavian countries that use it to flavour all kinds of pastries… and sausages.
Her look. Cardamom consists of a pod, a sort of husk, color lime green, inside of which we find seeds almost black, appearance oily.
The nose and mouth. She exudes a strong flavor, and floral. In the kitchen, it delivers aromas very fresh and delicious, with touches of bergamot. You buy it whole because, once ground, it loses its flavor.
Gourmet ideas. A few green pods crushed in the ground coffee. With lemon, honey, orange juice, cream.

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Learn all about the star anise

Also called star anise chinese star anise is the fruit of the badianer of China. Picked when green, dried in the sun, which gives it its nice and deep tint brown roux. It is still used in the dry state, only one star of star anise is enough to flavor a dish.
Her look. Recognizable from its star shape, star anise is composed of eight to ten carpels woody, each of which contains a seed.
The nose and mouth. Aromatic and perfumed, the fruit shiny, which appear in late summer have a delicious smell of anise. The aroma of the star anise whole is more gentle than that of the star anise ground.
Gourmet ideas. A slide in a marinade, fruit poached or caramelized, strawberry jam, crème brûlée.

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Learn all about the clove

This spice is very old, a native of the archipelago of the Moluccas, in Indonesia, is actually the flower bud, not yet bloomed, the clove. Relatively expensive, cloves are used in very small quantity and dose sparingly because it is very fragrant.
Her look. Of green color at the origin, the nail becomes red at maturity. After the harvest, dried for a month and its colour darkens.
The nose and mouth. Wood, bark, leaves, flowers, everything is scented in clove. Nails give off a aroma is strongly sweet. And, in high dose, a little taste of medicine.
Gourmet ideas. In the short-broths, rooibos tea, rice, tomato sauce. It blends with cinnamon, ginger, star anise.

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All the information about the tamarind

Native to tropical Africa, it has spread to India in prehistoric times. It is easily found in asian grocery stores, fresh, dried, or in pulp frozen. Her look. Small pods cinnamon-colored, which grow in clusters and contain seeds rather hard. As they ripen, the flesh becomes red-brown and turns into a sticky dough. The pods will keep for a month in the refrigerator.
The nose and mouth. You will appreciate its fragrance, slightly woody and aroma, sour-sweet, tinged with notes of citrus. The dough is slightly spicy.
Gourmet ideas. In the chutneys, beverages, confectionery, sauces and sorbets. It accords with the chili pepper and all spicy dishes.

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