7 creative ideas for summer

The arrival of sunny days makes us want to put the house in vacation mode. Cushion, placemats, bag … check out our DIY made in the colors of fruit in natural fibres.

Cushion pom-poms with a fish embroidered in raffia
Radiance with this embroidery simple. In linen, orange, cut 2 times 40 x 40 cm. Drawing the fish freehand on a square. With the wire of yellow paper (Creative Paper, Rascol.com), embroider the pattern from one side to the other, and then sew a pearl of Ø 6 mm for the eye. Place the 2 squares right sides together, sandwiching 1.60 m lace tassel rose (Mapetitemercerie.com), pom-poms inside. Stitch at 2 cm from the edge leaving an opening. Flip, top with wadding and close.

How to make a tiled table
Make A to Z a little side table in an afternoon ! Made cut a panel of MDF (80 x 80 cm, 20 mm thickness). Screw in 4 feet of table in beech (Leroymerlin.fr) 10 cm of the corners, then paste 16 tiles (20 x 20 cm) by alternating the direction of the grounds. Hide the edges with an edge strip of wood fusible, of width adapted to the thickness obtained. It only remains for you that to paint the feet and the songs of the acrylic paint.

Tassels smart
You can easily find your keys at the bottom of your bag with these tassels beaded. Wrap yarn cotton (Ricamo 8 Adriafil yarn, the colours in the smoked Salmon, very light Blue and Tangerine, Tricotin.com) on a piece of cardboard 10 cm. Cut the wires at one end and tie them, tightly, to the other. Thread 60 cm of thread on a needle, pass it through the gland, and then add the beads and spacers of your choice. Attach it firmly to a ring.

Companion beach
This bag produced in fabric upholstery, in rabane or by recycling a small rug, will accompany you everywhere. Fray at about 5 cm from short edges of a rectangle of 70 x 40 cm and fold in half, place against place. Sew the sides 1 cm from the edge. Turn the bag inside out and mark the corners to the base to form a bottom of 10 cm. Sew on the sides. For the handles, attach 2 bands-leather details of the bag, 60 x 2 cm (Cuirenstock.com) with 8 rivets-brass 9 mm (Prym, Rascol.com).

Sets tart
You have fallen for placemats in jute or braided fibers, and you find them a little too simple ? Give them the pep in the decorating strips of paper ribbon (Creative Paper, colors Yellow or Cinnamon, Rascol.com). Simply cut pieces of 10 cm and pass through the border with a hook, before making the knot.

Trash baskets suspended
Use a tray or a basket of straw braided, tie three lengths of ribbon, bright orange around the rim. And then attach them to a hook in the ceiling.

Straw hats turned into lamp
For a suspension, cut the top of a straw hat and pull an electrical wire textile with a socket (Leroy Merlin), using the provided cable clamp. Make two other suspensions. Gather three of your creations with a domino and connect to the ceiling.

Creation : © Silke Zander/ Picture Press/ Studio X /
Marie Midnight. E. Renaudat.

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