8 sex positions are the most dangerous for the penis

The engage in sexual activity are not without risk. Some positions are dangerous to the man’s penis… Because it can fracture. In a study published in the journal Advances in Urology, three positions of the kamasutra are pointing the finger. And they are not the only ones that can cause what is called a “false-not sexual intercourse”.

These positions are very well known, represent the risk of a twisting or a bending sharp on the erect penis and cause what is called fracture of the penis, although it is devoid of bone. It is a rupture of the tunica albuginea (the rigid outer shell of the penis) and the corpus cavernosum, or even a rupture of the urethra. At the time of this accident painful may hear a cracking sound.

A passage to the emergency room

The fracture may be accompanied by swelling and even deformation of the penis and testicles, and then a hematoma. Don’t worry, this incident is rather rare. But for any accident, contact the emergency room immediately. “Support immediate surgical is now recommended for all fractures of the corpora cavernosa, especially in the case of a combined tear of the urethra” reports theFrench Association of urology.

Discover without waiting the eight sex positions that can be dangerous for the penis

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