8 ways to master the art of fake tanning, including how to stop streaks and dirty sheets

WE may be in the midst of a heatwave but that doesn’t mean you get to lapse on your fake bake.

A ritual for many, anyone who’s fake-tanned will know the perils involved from streaks to stained bedsheets.

We want that sun-kissed look all year round
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Despite the UK being as hot as the Med, we still want that even glow all-year round.

So when it finally begins to cool down and we up the tanning ritual, here’s a few tips to ensure a golden glow.

From household items to a new method of application, the Daily Mirror revealed eight hacks which could just overhaul your tanning regime.


It’s important to prep your skin before any fake tan goes on
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Making sure your skin is ready to be tanned is crucial to getting even coverage.

Exfoliate and moisturise for a week before even thinking of slathering on some fake bake.

And you don’t need to splash out on pricey products, some brown sugar and olive oil will do the trick.


After your week-long scrubbing session, you now need to leave it at least 24 hours before actually applying the tan.

If you slap it straight after a scrub down, there’s a good chance the tan won’t take as well.

Skin needs time to settle, but if you absolutely can’t wait 24 hours at least give it 12.

Spare a thought for your bedsheets
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We all have a preferred method, whether it’s a mitt, in the shower or a spray.

But one thing you must never do is apply it with bare hands.

You’ll end up with streaky tell-tale orange hands, and nobody wants that.


You need a bit of time before tanning and your night out, as for best results stay naked for between 15 to 30 minutes.

If you don’t live alone, it means you might be confined to your bathroom so remember to bring a book or some entertainment.

By leaving the tan until it’s fully dry allows it to develop a more natural glow.

If you’re really pressed for time, try speeding things up with a hairdryer.

Dust yourself with talcum powder to absorb excess tan
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If you’re organised and are tanning for a big event the next day – you may want to spare a thought for your sheets.

Most of us will have woken up with those tell-tale stains, but if you can’t afford to keep buying new ones here’s a nifty little trick.

Before getting into bed post-tan, sprinkle some talcum powder over yourself to absorb any excess tan.

whitening toothpaste can help correct streaks
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It’s happened to us all – the tan’s gone wrong and you’re left looking like a patchy tangerine.

Fear not, as the solution may be lurking in your cupboards.

If you’ve got a dreaded streak one quick fix is whitening toothpaste.

Simply rub into the affected area, or try mixing it with some moisturiser and working that into the patches.

Baby oil is another product which can help get rid of stains, simply apply to the area, leave for 10 minutes then exfoliate.

Try using lemon juice to fix streaky patches
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More disaster

Fear not, your kitchen cupboard can help you too.

Another method for dealing with patches and streaks is a lemon.

Dip some cotton wool in lemon juice and then apply it to the area.


You may slather it on a different order each time, or you may have a precise step-by-step method for applying the tan.

But the recommended way to apply your tan is to start at the thighs, and then work down towards the shins and feet.

From there you can start working your way back up, applying it onto your tummy, lower back, then move around to the chest, sides and shoulders.

For the face, sweep upwards beginning from the neck.


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