8 Weird Pets Who Have Completely Taken Over The Internet

Pets bring so much love into the world. Millions of us have welcomed a four-legged friend home and they quickly became part of our family. With their fluffy tails and cute faces, we can never get enough of our pets.

Not just our pets either. We love everyone’s pets.

It’s not too long ago that people used to joke the internet was run by cats. Meme sites like ICanHasCheeseburger were huge and they were centered almost exclusively around cats.

Everyone knows Grumpy Cat, the hilariously adorable cat with a perpetual frown (that’s actually caused by a genetic condition, but it’s okay he’s good with us laughing at him) and Facebook’s feed used to be littered with hilarious videos of dogs, cats, and everything else you can pet.

The online world has changed, however and now these animal stars don’t just make a splash on social media accounts, they have their own.

In 2019, there are 8 undisputed kings and queens of social media and one look at them you’ll see why millions of people follow their every move.

Polite Cat Olli

With over 400K followers, Polite Cat Olli has the largest Instagram audience of any other animal on this list. He’s also his own meme! Pictures of Olli have circulated far and wide and are often used as a response to indicate you’re too polite to say anything.

His strained smile is very human-like in appearance, but it’s also the source of controversy. Many believe it’s not a real smile, but we’ve never gotten a straight answer from his owner.

That’s not very polite.

You can view his account here.

Pompous Albert

Pompous Albert is a cat, but he looks like a b*tch.

He’s a 100% genuine rejected show cat “but I’ll show them” proclaims his Instagram bio. With over 200K followers he’s one of the most followed cats on the internet and millions have fallen in love with his angry face.

His owner swears he’s actually cuddly, but we’ll still give him a wide berth.

You can view his profile here.


Barnaby is a cat that looks like we feel. His frizzy mane is a perpetual bedhead and he always looks really sleepy. He has 152K followers so he’s a fierce influencer when he wants to be – which isn’t often.

His page is filled with his cute antics, like staring at the camera and, well, staring at the camera. It really only takes good looks to be an internet star.

You can see his profile here.


Finally, some equality, thank you!

Marupgoma, we think that’s her name, is the first dog on the list, but with 114K followers this Maltese Papillon mix from Japan is a big deal.

Her big Mickey Mouse ears make almost all of her photos stand out. We can’t get enough!

You can visit her profile here.

Madame Eyebrows

Madame Eyebrows is my personal favorite on this list. She has almost 100K followers, but each one of her perfect Charlie Chaplin-esque eyebrows is worth 1 million.

Her coloring makes her look sad, but she’s clearly a happy girl.

You can see her profile here.


We’ve heard of sheepdogs before but this is ridiculous. Yorikokoro has the fluffiness to be a sheep, but the DNA makeup of a dog. Her adorable spherical appearance has made her a huge hit on Instagram with over 70K followers and counting.

You can see her profile here.

Mr. Dubblesworth

Now I did mention furry friends, but Mr. Dubblesworth is only spiritually furry. He’s a very big boy and is a sphinx cat, so he doesn’t grow body hair.

He was diagnosed with a metabolism disorder, his full-figured appearance isn’t the result of abuse, and is on a medically-controlled diet now.

Don’t feel too bad for him though, he has a family that loves him.

His page is just starting to get noticed, but we expect big things from this hecka chonker.

You can see his profile here.

Status is everything, and for these weird animals this is their world and we’re just living in it!

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