999 What’s Your Emergency viewers horrified as show plays call about daughter raped by her own dad

VIEWERS of last night’s 999 What’s Your Emergency? have been left horrified after the Channel 4 show played a call about a girl who’d been raped by her own dad.

Fans flocked to social media to share their reaction to the hard-to-watch scenes, branding it “harrowing” and “disturbing”.

The man was accused of raping his own daughter after a night of drinking

The episode focused on how the police handle sexual offences, with officers also shown attending to a suspected sexual assault outside a nightclub, a case of indecent exposure, and a man accused of domestic rape.

The final case saw a girl’s mum phone the police station, with the emotion evident in her voice as she told them: “My daughter has come home upset, saying that her dad got her drunk last night and put her in bed with him…

“And they had sex or he’s touched her.”

She then broke down into tears as the officer on the line attempted to offer comfort.

The girl’s mother was clearly emotional as she called the police

The dad’s interview with the police was then shown, where he admitted to engaging in sexual activity with his daughter.

With his face blurred to protect his identity, the man told how his daughter arrived at his house at 6pm and they bought a large bottle of alcohol to play a drinking game.

Insisting they were both drunk, he said: “I went and laid in my bed, my daughter asked me to go asleep downstairs but I said it’s my bed, if my daughter wants to sleep she can go sleep in her own bed.

“I went and laid in my bed and she turned the lights off, I think because we’d been drinking and couldn’t be bothered to move.”

He added: “I remember touching my daughter, I just touched between her legs – that’s all I remember, I swear.

The officer who interviewed the man was clearly horrified

“I don’t remember anything else, and then my daughter was gone.”

Breaking down in tears, he sobbed: “I shouldn’t have done anything, she’s my daughter!”

The investigating officer was clearly impacted by the interview, as he shared his heartbreak at the daughter’s broken trust and admitted to his disbelief at what he’d heard.

And viewers at home were just as horrified, with one tweeting: “Jesus, this is horrific. The story of the Dad raping his daughter, no words.”

The man pleaded guilty to the allegations and was sent to prison

Another posted: “It’s harrowing to know someone could do that to their own daughter.”

A third echoed: “#999whatsyouremergency was truly disturbing and disgusting. Some weird evil people out there.”

One more agreed: “How as a dad could you rape your own daughter?? Like how? What?? Makes me feel sick to my stomach”.

As the episode ended, it was confirmed that the dad pleaded guilty to the allegations and “received a lengthy jail term”, but they did not specify how long.


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