999: What’s Your Emergency viewers shocked as gang of teenagers with drugs and a blade raid a hotel in terrifying crime

999: What’s Your Emergency sparked anger on Twitter tonight as a gang of teenagers “with drugs and a blade” raided a hotel in the hit Channel 4 show.

South Yorkshire Police had their work cut out for them when they responded to a call about seven youngsters who claimed they were breaking into the hotel to look for scrap metal.

999: What’s Your Emergency focused on youth crime tonight with a gang of teenagers being caught raiding a hotel

The episode focused on the crimes of youngsters in South Yorkshire, with one of the culprits moaning the knife he held wasn’t actually a knife, but was a Stanley Blade.

Viewers were amazed at their attitude as one wrote: “‘It’s not a knife it’s a Stanley blade’ #999whatsyouremergency “

Another Tweeted: “Yeah lads, not at all guilty with all that stuff in the bin are ya whilst trying desperately to cover ya face. No guilt?”

Other scenes saw a 15-year-old with his own solicitor owing to his regular brushes with the law.

Cops arrest a 12-year-old who was caught breaking into cars

Viewers flocked to social media to share their reaction to the scenes, with many branding it “worrying”.

One tweeted: “#999whatsyouremergency worrying stuff,teens and gangs.”

Another wrote: “Kids like these have zero respect.”

Others looked for root causes as to why the kids were misbehaving.

One wrote “We need more youth clubs up and down the country, kids are bored and need somewhere safe to stay and hang out with their mates and not get into trouble.”

Last week’s episode of the hard-hitting show focused on how the police handle sexual offences, with officers also shown attending to a suspected sexual assault outside a nightclub, a case of indecent exposure, and a man accused of domestic rape.

Viewers were left distraught to when the final case saw a girl’s mum phone the police station, with the emotion evident in her voice as she told them: “My daughter has come home upset, saying that her dad got her drunk last night and put her in bed with him…

“And they had sex or he’s touched her.”


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