At the table of the clan Belmondo

Belmondo, this is more than a name, a signature. “What is an Italian ? asked Cocteau. A French in a good mood. “And Belmondo remained very Italian. Among them, the smile is part of the menu, like the pasta from Sunday. Luana, wife of Paul and daughter-in-law of Jean Paul, and ensures compliance with traditions. Thirty years ago, falling in love with the beautiful Roman presented to him by Anthony Delon, Paul has strengthened the mediterranean roots of the clan.

The Belmondo had their glory of the sculpture, glory of the cinema ; today, they have their glory of the kitchen. For Luana, which was a necessity, the preparation of meals, became more than a hobby, a passion. The time when children ran in the garden of Vaucresson, she would just mitonner of dishes, including twenty persons, at least, to be treated themselves. She was thus the heiress of Madeleine, the mother adored John Paul, who met each week to his family. And then the seniors are gone… She said humbly : “I wanted to find a job. Apart from my early days as a model for Balmain and Cacharel, my RESUME was empty. I looked around, I was aiming not high. “She would apologize almost to have found success so easily. Debut in ” C à vous “, in 2010, in Alessandra Sublet. “I had never done tv, I was paralyzed in front of the bacon…” But, in his case, the awkwardness is a lethal weapon which, added to the charm of the musical accent, convinced the women of his sincerity. Not to offend him by saying that she is the” idol of the household “. “I am myself “, she answers, amused.

Luana has taught the love of cooking to her three sons

In terms of taste education, Luana has beliefs very clear : “It is necessary to create mandatory workshops to raise the awareness of children, from the age of 3 years, fruit and vegetables, they learn not to waste it. “It has taught his three sons that gluttony was not a sin. “When they were children, I made sure to develop their palate so that they enjoy the most food possible. Even though I am not against it, I have never served in small pots. When I started working, they took the habit to fend for themselves to eat. “It should be noted that Victor was 16 years old, and his little brother, Giacomo, 12 years old… The eldest, Alessandro, 27 years old today, has particularly drawn the lessons. It is for several months at the head of the cuisines of the Italian restaurant It Cararosso, at Saint-Cloud. A dream come true for a young man who, after a hotel school, worked in London, at the Connaught, with Hélène Darroze, before flying to his arms on the island of Antigua, where he spent many holidays in the house of his grand-father. Behind the kitchen, the young chef sublime dishes, including Jean-Paul and all the family love it still : “The first time I cooked, I tried to reproduce the fabulous pasta with tomato sauce from mom. She had given me the recipe, but I couldn’t prepare as well. I’m sure that she forgot to give me a mystery ingredient ! ” he remembers. And Luana to defend herself : “I don’t have his training, I am a cooker of everyday life. My recipes are not precise, they are instinctive. “The language of love…

The girlfriends of my son must hate me!

Paul adds : “I still remember the very first time Luana me cooked pasta, at the beginning of our relationship. It was pasta with peppers. What a treat ! “Two years later, they were married, agree on one point : the importance of family. For them, share a meal, it is to be in communion. “The values that we received from our parents. “In the Belmondo, you don’t fool around with the Sunday meetings. And so this Sunday, July, John-Paul is not there, it is only because he is descended in the Afternoon. At home, there remains now only the last 19 years, but the two elders wouldn’t miss for anything in the world, this reunion Sunday. This periodicity is not enough, for as much, Luana. Mother hen, who has not forgotten how attracted the chicks, she gladly gives his “thing” : “When I miss them too, I tell them : “I have prepared a parmigiana… as you like !” It always works. I can’t go a single day without having their new. I call them, I send them messages. Their girlfriends must hate me ! “Since his talents as a cook are accepted by the whole of France, she could make her pretentious. This is not his genre. And it is always the same love of sharing that animates it and expressed by it in its books of kitchen. The last, “My recipes” good mood “, was written in collaboration with Alessandro. The smile and the availability of Luana we would almost forget that, in eight years, she became an “executive woman” in high demand : she hosts a daily program on the new channel culinary My kitchen and, since the beginning of the summer, a daily on the radio, ” RTL you will be pampered “, alongside Jean-Michel Zecca and Jean-Sébastien Petitdemange.

Victor made his first weapon at the cinema

The meals are not, in the Belmondo, the only opportunities to be joyful. The film never makes them cry. Except for Victor, when he was a toddler. “The first time I saw my grandfather at the screen, it was in “The professional”. Trauma. He gets shot and dies… I was little, I believed that it was true. I burst into tears ! “To each his Bambi… But Jean-Paul has quickly learned to relativize. It gave his family some of the scenes that have made its success : “Every time we went to Antigua, he put on his best clothes, hat and costume, and then threw myself fully clothed in the pool… It was his way of giving the kick-off of the holiday ! “And Victor has it been conquered, to the point, today, of wanting to take over. After having made his weapons in short films, including ” Hearts of the deaf “, Arnaud Khayadjanian, it will be in early 2019, to the poster of the comedy ” All Inclusive “, by Fabien Onteniente, alongside Franck Dubosc and Thierry Lhermitte. “I love all the records and I like to play everything : from comedy to dramas, movies copyright to the most popular. “

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With his angel face and his charisma, Victor is not without reminding us of his grand-father, who remains for the young man a model irreplaceable, incomparable : “He came to see me on stage when I was at film school. He congratulated me and told me to go after my dream. It was important for me, to get his opinion. I know that it is just and sincere. “At 19 years old, the youngest, Giacomo, would rather be behind the camera. Like Paul, his father, who, after a career as a racing driver, has launched the production of documentaries. The first was dedicated to Jean-Paul ; the second, to his other passion : the sport of racing and, more specifically, the rallye des Gazelles. “At this moment, I am writing a on the bike. It remains only for me to find the funding. The sport I am passionate about, there are always human stories to tell. “The cinema, cooking and sports… it is all of the DNA Belmondo.

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