In London, the mayor in a bikini in the air

Opponents of the labour mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, were flying Saturday near the british Parliament a giant balloon in the representative in a bikini, in response to the “Baby Trump” the giant who had floated in the same place in July. The action was initiated by Yanny Bruere, who claims itself as a “proponent of freedom of expression”.

Opponents of the us president, Donald Trump had made a ball the caricature in baby chubby and short-tempered during his official visit to the United Kingdom, in July. “Let’s make a baby Khan and let’s see if FREEDOM Of EXPRESSION applies to all,” wrote Yanny Bruere on a page of crowdfunding (crowdfunding), collecting nearly 60,000 pounds sterling (of 67,000 euros) for his project.

He explains his disagreement with the policy of the mayor of London and denounces an increase of crime in the british capital.

Sadiq Khan replica with a sense of humor

The swimsuit is a reference to the prohibition in 2016 advertising for slimming products in the london transport system. Deemed sexist, the advertising represented a model for the slender body and wearing a yellow bikini asking “Your body is ready for the beach?”.

Saturday’s demonstration was allowed and the mayor of London has told ITV London: “if people want to spend their Saturday watching me in the yellow bikini, they have every right to do so -although I don’t think the yellow is my color”.

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