A Place in the Sun’s Jonnie Irwin left cringing as couple dismiss tiny kitchen as ‘an oven in a living room’

A PLACE in the Sun presenter Jonnie Irwin was left baffled when a couple turned down a property for having “an oven in the living room”.

The 47-year-old TV host responded with harsh sarcasm as couple Teresa and Robin dismissed the Tenerife apartment, which was within their £120,000 budget.

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Jonnie was left upset when the couple dismissed the property[/caption]

The British couple were set on finding a holiday home on the idyllic Spanish island after holidaying there six times in the past.

Hoping to find a property they could retire in, their search went sour when they turned their nose up at one of the five properties host Jonnie had prepared.

The presenter had chosen a £109,000 one-bedroom flat in popular tourist destination Adeje, which looked to cater to all their needs.

But before the couple had given the home a chance, Teresa immediately ruled it out because of the open-plan kitchen and living room.

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The apartment featured a open plan kitchen and living room[/caption]

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Teresa and Robin were left unimpressed by the space[/caption]

Jonnie asked the couple, who looked disappointed: “OK so open-plan this time in the living space – what say you?”

“Kitchen is too small for me,” Teresa immediately clapped back without a second thought, looking the space up and down.

An upset Jonnie couldn’t hold his tongue, and slightly rolled his eyes while replying with a pinch of sarcasm: “Oh, good.”

The kitchen was comprised of a single oven, sink and a works surface that was within the open plan space – or as the couple called it, “an oven in a living room”.

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They described the kitchen as “an oven in the livng room”[/caption]

“It’s an oven in a living room, not a kitchen,” Robin chimed in as the couple discussed the property, which said had “let them down”.

The apartment was quickly dismissed by the couple, who love to spend time cooking, as Julie explained they “couldn’t prepare anything” in that space.

While the balcony boasted incredible sea views that Teresa described as “absolutely perfect”, it wasn’t enough to win over the couple.

An upset Jonnie then decided to take the pair further north, where they would be able to get more for their £120,00 budget.


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