What to expect 6 months after you have started a blog?


The first day of February 2017, I launched the blog doubletavaleur.com with the help of my sister Melody.

6 months later, what is it gives? What were our efforts? And how much money is it has been able to generate?

The origin of the project

The project was born a year ago, while I was in the process of turning the lessons of my training on the creation of a blog.

In this training, I explain how to do the design, find your own idea, your domain name, etc, so It was natural that I create a blog at the same time to show people how to do!

Not only that, but by creating a blog, it allows me to give the right expectations to the people before starting!

Imagine that you look at the competition for Miss or Mr. Universe to television. All of this inspires you and you spend finally to action. You say to yourself, ” this is where it happens! “you throw your bag of chips and get a membership at the gym.

If you are convinced that you have a body hell it only takes 2 months, how long do you think your motivation will stay?

Not a very long time.

It’s the same thing with a blog. 0.001% of blogs explode very quickly to enable a person to live for a few months after it launched.

The vast majority of blogs will take 1 to 3 years before generating enough income for a person to make it their main source of income.

I published my first article on September 2, 2012 and it took me 3 years before being able to quit my job and live on it!

If the transitional process you are interested, I’ve detailed the steps as well as the revenue generated in this blog article : https://www.olivierlambert.com/ma-premiere-annee-en-tant-qu_entrepreneur

The success is like an iceberg. It is inspired by the cutting edge, not realizing the mountain of work and patience that lies beneath the surface.

This is why I am creating this new blog for me to ensure that all the bloggers become start their projects with the right mindset and the right expectations.

The strategy behind Double Your Value

Note that the time necessary before being profitable with his blog varies greatly depending on the monetization strategy.

If you want to sell a service, it is possible to use your blog as a sales platform to rapidly go to look for contract a big pay-off.

In our case, we would prefer to create a passive income, which makes the process much longer.

The final goal is to generate traffic to evergreen, from search engines, convert traffic into subscribers by offering the first chapters of the book free of charge, upseller the subscribers with the purchase of the book (and possibly a small on-line course).

To do this, one writes 2 articles per week, aiming for a query on the search engines. It uses KwFinder to our research of keywords. The articles range from 1 500 to 3 000 words.


In parallel, this project finally allowed me to work on the book that I always wanted to write!

Having read over a hundred books about productivity, motivation, psychology & personal development, I had long to say!

I started writing the book in late November 2016 and I finished writing it at the end of June 2017. All in all, the book amounts to 47K words.

We are going to sell it in paper format with hard cover, Kindle and audio. It remains for me the audio version to be created. I’ve never done this! I am looking forward to getting through the process!

The results of the strategy after 6 months.

Over the last 6 months, I have minimized to the lowest possible my own influence on the results of the blog. There are only for the pre-sale of the book (done in the last week of July) that I used my resources to promote the blog.

I have of course set up an affiliate system to be able to subtract the sales generated by my other pages Facebook.

It will be necessary to keep this in mind during the analysis of the statistics : you have to find a partner relatively known, the last week of July is not representative of the normal evolution of a blog.

This being said, this intervention does not affect the evolution of the blog in the search engines.

The traffic

In the first 6 months (between the first day of February and 31 July), 45 % of the traffic came from social media (85 % of Facebook) and only 7.6% came from search engines.


All in all, it gives 17 268 sessions performed per 10K persons.

At first glance, the efforts to get traffic evergreen using Google do not seem to bear fruit, but it is quite normal.

Google may take 3 to 6 months before you consider a web site in the search results.

When one takes into account that the organic traffic, the chart gives us a different story :

“Ayoye, it is long! “

Yep, this is really long. This is why it is important to have good expectations from the outset.

In February, Google accounted for 1.9% of traffic (23 sessions), while social media accounted for 51.4 per cent (609 sessions). In July, Google accounted for 11.6 % with 627 sessions, and social media 31 % with 1 677 sessions.

This trend will continue quietly until the listing reaches about 80 %, such as on my personal blog.

The e-mail list

We have used Thrive Leads to forms of capture on the web site, which has been responsible for the majority of leads captured.

We did a pop-up which converts to 4.5 % :

A box of capture after the 2e paragraph of text that converts at 1 % :


As well as another box of capture at the bottom of the articles which also converts at 1 % :

It has also put a call to action on the main page of the website :

As well as in the bottom of the page :

Unfortunately, I have not the statistics of a conversion for these last 2 items. The color has also changed because we decided to change the cover after you have done A/B testing on AdWords and have asked for the opinion of people on Facebook.


Active Contacts


Unique visitors to the site

% conversion



At 7.25


25 %





The 16.9 %




1 266

9,3 %



The 4.7

2 332

6,5 %




2 941

2,8 %


1 259


3 843

14 %

It is seen that the conversion rate starts high and progressively go down. This is because when you launch a blog, we always have a ton of small knowledge that we do not talk often, but who are interested in our project. For a blog, a good conversion rate is between 2 and 6 % of your visitors.

It has also created capture pages in order to attract traffic from ads. The capture pages have been built using LeadPages.

The change Has converted to about 30 %, while the variation B converts at 20 %.

I have to admit that it bothers me since I much prefer the 2e version and it allows me to offer a pre-order directly on this page. I’ll continue to adjust and optimize my pages for the next few weeks!

Subscribers for notifications

I’ve also installed OneSignal on the web site to send a notification 2 times per week to subscribers in the output of new articles. It is completely free so why not! You can click here to learn how to use OneSignal!

In total, 476 people registered :

296 people are still subscribed and should receive notifications :

It generates between 50 and 100 visits per week, for a total of 1 078 visits over 6 months.

Our account on Instagram

Even if it is a sensitive subject for many, I decided to use bots to grow the account Instagram to Double Your Value.

We used Instagress that there is unfortunately more. This being said, our account remains active, then it continues to be used.

The robot is 40 likes per hour on the recent photos with hashtags like #job #work #travaillerdur #quote #productive

It subscribes automatically to 25 people per hour, based on those same hashtags.

In the chart below, you can easily see the periods or Instagress was not active.

This chart comes from OnlyPult, a software that allows you to completely automate the planning of publications on Instagram!

I used a link bit.ly in the profile to be able to calculate the total number of people who are interested in our book thanks to robots.

In all, 250 people have clicked (approximately 41 per month). Since the traffic was directed to my landing page that converts the best, you can assume that 75 people have registered this way.

Advertising Facebook

I have used advertising Facebook to build our audience on Facebook, as well as for the promotion of the book. It will have been VERY long before finding a formula that works. We tested twenty hearings with more than a dozen of different concepts.

Just for the likes, we tested 5 different creative on 8 different hearings.

The book is mainly targeted at employees who want to stand out, so I have tried to target people with an interest in personal development, graduates of the administration, the people who are interested in the world of business… The results were not there. $ 1 for a reference I love it, it is much too high a price to pay!

It’s taking my shower that I had my revelation : this is not because a person is “interested” in entrepreneurship she is an entrepreneur! I had avoided targeting this segment since my book does not really entrepreneurs, but there is only a fraction of the people who want to start a business that actually is! I have tested this segment and the results have been vastly superior to my other hearings : eureka!

Here is my best variation :

It allows me to have more “likes” to 16 cents each, which has allowed me to dramatically increase the likes on the page :

For our conversion campaigns, it will have been a lot more difficult to optimize the ads. We tested 19 hearings with 15 variations each.

According to my conversion rate (10 % of the subscribers buy the book), and my revenue per customer (people give on average 7,80 $), it means that I have to pay a maximum of 78 cents per prospect to be profitable.

I just succeed to exceed this threshold (41 cents per e-mail) with the help of this advertising :

Unfortunately, it is with an audience of remarketing. So I can not put the campaign to scale and increase the budget.

I am trying to test this advertising with other hearings, I’m not giving up! Anyway, this is not a drama if the campaign isn’t immediately profitable, since I’ll eventually create other offerings (such as audio book and the online course).

All in all, I invested 1 460,66 $ in advertising to Facebook (I have invested 70,33 $ from my personal account to test the impact of the brand. It was not there) :

It represents a little less than $ 8 per day. I am aware that this is a lot, for someone just starting out, to invest this kind of amount. But when one takes a step back, this is only 2 block in a Starbucks!

Community Facebook

It uses MeetEdgar to publish each day on our page on Facebook. This software allows us to create a library of publications that the software will publish on the social media to our place without anything to do. Each week, my sister creates 2 images that she posts on Instagram and it then adds in MeetEdgar.

Buy likes in conjunction with this software allows us to have more and more range every week.

The tests on the cover of the book

To be able to test the cover of the book, I created an advertising Display on Google AdWords. As one can see on the forum of The Trench, I have created 6 major variations of the book that I tested around a bit.

I have posted 2 times on Facebook by using my personal page. You can see the comments of people on this publication and this publication.

The results on Google AdWords have been a little mixed… I have invested 100,67 $ and I got 157 clicks in 7 creative. Here they are in order of click rate.

If I listened to THAT Google AdWords, I would have probably made the change in winning (0.28 % CTR). But taking into account the (many) comments Facebook, I decided to go with the version of the middle (the one with 0.18 % of CTR).

One of the reasons behind this choice is the quality of the clicks obtained through Google AdWords.


The big question now! Is this all it will have been cost-effective?

The answer is simple : no.

All in all, we can calculate 500 $ for the hosting, the WordPress theme and plugins. It adds $ 750 to ThriveCart, the payment platform. With advertising, it falls to $ 2,850 invested in the project, not to mention the many hours of writing/correcting/editing. Since I pay Melody for his help, it is rendered in the tens of thousands.

















The last month is significantly higher than the other, since I promoted via my newsletter personal. If I excluded my sales, I’m up to about $100.

It can be tempting to cut its losses and simply abandon the project. This is what I would do if I didn’t have the right expectations for the creation of a blog!

When I launched my personal blog, it took me a little over a year to reach the same traffic. But, 4 years later, my first product (my training on the advertising Facebook) will have generated more than $ 250,000 in sales. A damned good chance that I am not discouraged!

It is important to be patient, trust the process and persevere. Start a blog, it is willing to work 5 to 15 hours more per week for a few years. If we are strategic in our approach, the results will amply justify the investment.

I’m going to do a next update on the first of February, stay tuned! 🙂

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