Aaron Chalmers: Corey Browning is staying away from trash talk and Conor McGregor vs Paulie Malignaggi won’t happen

I’M ONE month away from my fight with Corey Browning, and for the first time I haven’t had to deal with trash talk from my opponent.

He’s from America, and it doesn’t look like he has social media – I’m used to getting dragged into every argument.

Chalmers fights Corey Browning on February 9

They say they’re gonna do this and do that, they get their friends involved – but Browning has kept himself to himself.

Off the back of that I will show him the respect, at the weigh-in I’m usually fired up because of what my opponents have been saying in the build up.

My last opponent, Ash Griffiths, what just a f****ing tit, saying on social media how he was going to do this and that, and just being an a**hole.

So unless Corey starts giving it the big one at the weigh, I will show him respect.

But if he starts trying to down talk us then he’ll get the same as everyone as has got, I’ll be in his face.

Griffiths and Chalmers had a heated build up
Per Häljestam
The pair had a tense face off at the weigh in
Per Häljestam

When my opponents were trash talking me, I honestly did not give a f*** what they said – they can say what they want.

Look what’s happened to all four, they’ve all been finished within two minutes – so this is why you have to be very wary what you say.

They all talked so much and then got slapped about for two minutes, and it’s all over, it just makes them look worse.

Ash said he’d never leave the house if I beat him – looks like he’s going to be on benefits for the rest of his life then because he got beaten in one minute and 30 seconds.

Chalmers beat Griffiths in the first round
It was Chalmers fourth win in the cage

I’ve never cared what anybody has said so it doesn’t matter that Browning isn’t talking.

I take every fight seriously and they’re now becoming harder, I’ve said this on my Podcast – so whether he’s talking or not I know what the game plan is, so it wouldn’t make a difference.

All I know is if he isn’t talking, he’s clearly working hard in the gym, as I am.

When people are only talking trash they’re clearly move bothered about what’s on social media opposed to in the gym – and that’s shown in the last four fights.

It will be a great fight which I’m excited for, we’re working with Tessuti to create some great content for the Bellator Newcastle while GrillaFitness are really helping me move from welterweight to lightweight.

The rivalry between Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi continues

These two just don’t like each other, but then again, I think if they did have a boxing match it wouldn’t be a big massive money fight.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor was a massive talking point – but in honesty I can’t see McGregor boxing again, and I know Paulie wouldn’t go into MMA.

I think this will be an ongoing feud online as I don’t think that fight will ever happen to be honest.

If they did every fight, it’s hard to even predict who will win because I just don’t think it will happen.

Malignaggi and McGregor came face-to-face last year at a press conference

Paulie is retired, and for Conor it’s a different sport – when I’m MMA sparring and when I’m boxing, it’s two completely different worlds.

Conor is an excellent striker but for boxing it’s totally different and we all saw that with the Mayweather fight.

When I spoke to Paulie, I said what’s the craic with the ongoing feud.

He told me it all stemmed over the picture McGregor leaked off Malignaggi on the floor.

Footage of the pair sparring leaked
A disputed knockdown of Malignaggi has fuelled the rivalry
Refer to Caption
Malignaggi was one of McGregor’s sparring partners before he boxed Mayweather

Paulie said it was a poor move posting it, as they has agreed nothing of the spar would be released –
that’s what he was told in the gym.

If you have both agreed to just come and spar, with nothing being released and you find out their camp is filming and later a picture gets released off you on the deck, it makes you look a bit stupid.

I can see where he’s coming from, as there’s been a picture of him released on the floor.

After that came out Paulie was annoyed, but it’s now almost a losing battle as everything is on Conor’s terms.

Chalmers has previosuly met McGregor
Instagram @aaroncgshore
Malignaggi and Chalmers recently trained together
Getty Images – Getty

He has the footage so he can put out whatever he wants, it’s almost a losing battle as I don’t think Paulie will ever get the fight.

So it will look like he’s calling someone out for something that’s not going to happen.


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