Apricot in 4 ways {Vegan}

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So today I show you what I did with a crate of Apricot jam 5 kg that I bought at work for really not much

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

So last Sunday, I spent the day in the batch to cook

First I made Jam (yes classic)

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

It starts with wash, pit and cut the apricots into small pieces

I used 1.8 g of apricots (once pitted)

We add the sugar (I put 850g of sugar) and mix

(I added a bit of vanilla)

It mixed well and allowed to lay for 1 hour (I put it directly in the cooker)

Once rested, we put to cook over low heat, stirring regularly

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

Until the jam have well reduced and thickened

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

It is ready when you pour a drop of jam on a plate and it hardens quickly when it returns to the sink

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

Then poured the jam into jars thoroughly clean as soon as the fire is out, so still boiling

Wipe the top and then close the lid

You turn the pot on and it is left to cool completely so that the jars sterilize

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

It remains only to clean the pots and stick a pretty label with the date on it

And it is prêt…De what a treat throughout the winter

I was able to make 6 jars with this quantity


I then made the compote of apricots

I really don’t have a photo

I just cut a dozen apricots in small pieces as for the jam

I put them to cook on low heat

Once the apricots melted, I added 2 generous tablespoon of agave syrup

as for the jam, I put in the pots immediately after you have extinguished the fire

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

And I returned the pots near the well have closed

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}


And last, I noted on the label what it was and the date of manufacture


Third, I made jars of apricots in Syrup to enjoy this winter

I made a light syrup because I don’t like too much when it is too sweet

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

We start by washing, cut into 2 halve and pit the apricots (I used 1.3 kg of apricots for 3 jars)

we put them in jars, loading well, but without the boxed in, they need to be in every sense

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

It prepares follows the syrup

We put 300g of sugar with 1L of water

It leaves it up to a boil, letting the sugar dissolve

And let reduce for 30 minutes

And here’s the syrup is ready

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

Then pouring the syrup over the apricots in the jars to cover the apricots

It closes

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

It then moves to the sterilization

We put the jars in a pot separating them from tea towels, to avoid that they collide

It is filled with water up to the top of the jars (even the cover the need if they do not have the same size)

We put on strong fire until boiling, then lower the fire and leave it to simmer for 40 minutes

Turn off heat and leave to cool

For my part, I left them and returned to that they will end up sterilizing

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

And finally, there is a small label with the name and date

And it is finished


And last with the rest of my apricots , I made a pie

Abricot en 4 façons {Vegan}

I am based on the recipe of Pie Apricots/cherries that I proposed a few weeks ago, but with apricots…it was a blast

You and your favourite recipe apricot??

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