Accountant tricked her ex’s new girlfriend into sending nude pictures then posted them online

A JEALOUS accountant tricked her ex’s new girlfriend into sending her nude pictures then posted them online.

Former convent schoolgirl Blerina Dobla, 26, wanted revenge on the woman who began dating her ex-boyfriend after he had dumped her, a court heard.

Blerina Dobla posed as an attractive man to get her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend so send intimate photos

Dobla contacted the woman online posing as a man who wanted to date her. She eventually persuaded her to send intimate images via Snapchat, including a video of her naked in the shower.

Dobla then published the video on Instagram, and later more semi-nude pictures of the young woman, tagging her friends and family.

The victim was alerted to the images by a friend — but by then was unable to see them.

Prosecutor Chidi Ikwuakolam said: “Ms Dobla had been in a relationship with a male who then entered into a relationship with the complainant.

“Ms Dobla formulated several social media accounts and contacted the complainant under the alias of a male.

“The contact between them continued and Ms Dobla persuaded the complainant to send videos and photos of a sexual nature of herself on a number of occasions.

“This was via Snapchat and the complainant thought they would be deleted automatically, but they were retained.

“On January 30, 2017, a video was posted on Instagram that tagged the complainant.

“It was the victim naked in the shower.

“On November 1 the complainant received a call from a friend that an Instagram account tagging her family and friends contained photos of her undressed.”

Dobla, who lives in a £1.2million house in Richmond-on-Thames, South West London, was traced by police and arrested at work.

She was questioned and denied the offences at the time.

But at Camberwell magistrates’ court yesterday, Dobla — who attended the Catholic Gumley House Convent School in Hounslow, West London — admitted sending indecent communications.

She was bailed and will return for sentencing on June 28. Magistrate Pamela Donovan warned Dobla a prison sentence was a possibility.

Dobla will be sentenced on June 28
Dobla created a fake persona online to carry out her cruel plan
Blerina went to the Catholic Gumley House Convent School in Hounslow, West London


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