Case Benalla: Emmanuel Macron takes and quips

Forgot the rite of the blue. The French victory at the football world cup and the euphoria that followed are already a distant memory. For the head of State, a info hunting the other. And for several days, only the case of Benalla, which occupies the minds. Under the fire of criticism, Emmanuel Macron has decided to come out of his reserve. Yesterday, before the deputies LREM and the members of the government, it is expressed on the conduct of its chargé de mission, responsible for the movement of the chair and filmed the 1st of may at a protest, being beaten two people. “This is what happened to the 1st of may has been for me a treason”, lance-t-il. “The Republic copy does not prevent the errors. If they are looking for a responsible, it is me and me alone. It is I, who trust to Alexander Benalla. It was I who confirmed his sanction, – that of a layoff of 15 days. Recently, Alexander Benalla was on board the bus of the Blue line on the Champs-Elysées, but also the place de la Concorde during the 14 July parade or a few before the hall for the election of Simone Veil.

As to the presumed privileges of which would have benefited from Alexander Benalla, the president puts the points on the I, all with a hint of irony, and under the laughter and applause of the deputies and members of the government present. “Alexander Benalla has never held the codes to nuclear. Alexander Benalla has never occupied a 300 m2 at the Alma, Alexander Benalla has never won 10 000 euros (editor’s note: for months), Alexander Benalla, either, was never my lover”. – referring to rumors during the presidential campaign on a supposed link between Emmanuel Macron and Mathieu Gallet – . A developed in response to the many articles these last few days, listing the various benefits which he would have enjoyed: car with flashing lights, slot in a dependence of the Elysée palace in the very chic 7th arrondissement, but also an access badge to the national Assembly, and the clearance at the top secret.

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