Case Benalla : the hearing of Gérard Collomb in figures

A little less than 19 000 words : this is the length of the speech-to-text -questions – to the hearing of Gérard Collomb in the national Assembly on Monday, for nearly 2: 30, in front of the commission of enquiry established to shed light on the case of Benalla. This mass of questions and answers, we extract only the intervention of the minister of the Interior to analyze his words, thanks to our application “The Weight of words”. The results are based on the methodology developed during the presidential campaign to study the speeches of the candidates, and then, since the 7 may 2017, those of the president, Emmanuel Macron.

The word most pronounced on Monday by Gérard Collomb was, without surprise, “Benalla”, the name of the employee of the Palace that triggered the case, which was the minister to have to explain in front of the parliamentarians. According to our count, the former mayor of Lyon has cited 51 times this name. The second word is the more pronounced it is “Effectively”, with 42 occurrences, which appears to be a tic of language on the part of Gérard Collomb. Following “Police”, with 36 occurrences.

It is noted that the words “Cabinet” (25 occurrences), “IGPN” (22), and “President” (22), are among the most pronounced. These high frequencies are the translation of the line of defence of the minister. Gérard Collomb has mentioned on numerous occasions the role of his teams : “my cabinet” is 5 times, while the 7 occurrences of “my chief of staff”. A noteworthy fact : it mentions 6 times the “directeur de cabinet” of the president of the Republic, Patrick Strzoda. 5 occasions, the minister recalled that he believed that the Élysée palace had been warned of the behavior of Alexander Benalla and that “things were handled”.

The minister refers to the conclusions future of the IGPN

Gérard Collomb has also referred to the”IGPN”, general Inspectorate of the national police, to which the minister has called for an inquiry after the revelations of the “World” on the violence perpetrated by Benalla. The frequency of references to the “police-police” reflects the insistence of the minister to refer to the findings in the future of this investigation. The future is the privileged time : “the IGPN show”, “the IGPN should”, “the IGPN will bring the answers”… The minister did not respond to queries on the cuff “police” and the radio which had Alexander Benalla on 1st may. “It is this which justifies the fact that we seized the IGPN,” he simply stated.

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The “president” is also very frequently cited, more than the “prefect” (21 occurrences), the “ministry” (15) or the “prefecture” (7). In addition to 9 references to the”Elysée” and 3 to the “presidency”, including Gérard Collomb, has reminded to the mps that it was “the employer” of Alexander Benalla.

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