Case Benalla : the director of the office Patrick Strzoda takes the first penalty

The director of the office of the president of the Republic Patrick Strzoda stated Tuesday not to have referred the matter to the justice with respect to the acts committed by Alexander Benalla on the 1st of may because he did “not enough evidence” to do so.

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“I considered that at my level I didn’t have enough evidence to justify an appeal to article 40,” said Dr. Strzoda before the commission of inquiry of the Assembly, noting that no complaint had been filed and that the “authorities of employment” of Mr. Benalla had “never mentioned or suggested”.

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The scene was analyzed by the general Inspectorate of the national police

In addition, “this scene has been reported on the platform of the IGPN (general Inspectorate of the national police), it was analyzed by experts and no information from this analysis to me has been addressed in the sense of article 40,” he continued.

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“So the 2 of may, with the aim of taking a penalty immediately, and on the basis of the information I had, I took this penalty of suspension and demotion, with a warning letter, combined notice of dismissal in the case of a new behaviour (…) I fully understand that it can be stated that (the penalty) was not appropriate, in any case, in regards to myself, I take responsibility for my decision”, he concluded.

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