Case Benalla : “The only one responsible, it is me and only me”, takes on Emmanuel Macron

In the case of Benalla, “the person responsible is me,” said Tuesday Emmanuel Macron in front of the deputies of the majority, blaming “the Republic of fuses” and saying that he felt “the acts of the 1st of May” to his collaborator as “a treason”, according to comments reported.

“It is not the Republic of the fuses, the Republic of hatred”, said the head of the State, a surprise guest in front of elected officials and several members of the government gathered at the house of Latin America for a pot of the end of the parliamentary session of the deputies of the majority LREM-MoDem.

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“You can’t be chief in good time. If they want to be responsible, it is in front of you. They come looking for it. I say to the French people”, the president added, as his silence since the break-up of the case Benalla has been criticised by the oppositions.

“An activist, very engaged during the campaign”

“The Republic copy does not prevent the errors. If they are looking for a responsible, solely responsible, it is me and me alone. It is I, who trust to Alexander Benalla. It was I who confirmed the sanction,” continued the president, according to remarks reported, while in the Assembly as to the Senate, commissions of inquiry are ongoing.

“Nobody in my firm has never been exempt from the laws of the Republic. Ever”, has also assured Mr. Macron, who spoke at a “good half hour” in front of “a lot” of the world, according to an elected official.

About Mr. Benalla, the president has also said not to forget “that he was an activist, very engaged during the campaign,” but said he “felt the actions of the 1st of May as a disappointment and a betrayal”.

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