Case Benalla : the acts of violence committed on 1 may “legitimate” if committed by police officers

Gestures “not very effective” but “a legitimate force if they are police officers”: the director of the general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN), “police-police”, justified Tuesday the lack of follow-up to the video of the 1-May in which we see Alexander Benalla hit two protesters.

The officers of the IGPN, who have viewed the images on 3 may, had “no reason to think that the people trying to intervene are not the police”, explained Marie-France Mcwin-guyomarc’h, interviewed by the investigation Commission of the national Assembly on the matter Benalla. The video shows “technical actions that are poorly managed”, she acknowledged, but “no violence illegitimate” if “these are police officers who implement it”.

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On July 18, the daily Le Monde revealed that the two people filmed in the middle of the CRS, hitting and mauling two protesters, 1-May, place de la Contrescarpe in Paris, were Alexander Benalla, deputy chief of staff Emmanuel Macron, and Vincent Crasis, an employee of power up!

“Between 2 may and 18 July, no reporting is managed on the platform of the IGPN to evoke the presence of Alexander Benalla and Vincent Crasis,” said the director.

The patron saint of the IGPN, has rejected the term ” case “classified”

By the way, “the platform was not subsequently recorded any reporting on these facts” and “no allegations of injury that would have legitimately asked the question of the proportionality of the use of force,” continued Mrs. Mcwin-Guyomarc’h.

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The patron saint of the IGPN, has rejected the term ” case “classified”. “You put this video aside, we wait, we watch, in order to find other witnesses, complainants, or videos, she explained.

The IGPN, the seizure last week by the ministry of the Interior, will make its report “Thursday or Friday”, said Ms guyomarc’h, confirming the schedule given on Monday by the president of the national Assembly, François de Rugy.

The IGPN is also seized of two other investigations involving the three police officers indicted for having transmitted images of a video surveillance Alexander Benalla: one is administrative, at the request of the prefecture of police of Paris, the other is judicial, at the request of the public prosecutor of Paris.

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