Case Benalla : the review of the revision of the constitution carried over to the start of the school

The examination of the revision of the constitution, which was suspended indefinitely Sunday by the minister of Justice of the fact of the matter Benalla, will resume in the fall, has released Monday a conference of the presidents of the Assembly, François de Rugy had referred to earlier in “September” or “October”.

The first component of the institutional reform desired by Emmanuel Macron will not, therefore, not before the fall ? “We’re going to see in the month of September, in the month of October,” said the president of the Assembly on France Inter.

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No date for resumption has not been communicated at the meeting early of the presidents of the seven political groups around the president of the national Assembly and in the presence of the secretary of State for Relations with Parliament, Christophe Castaner, “on the agenda of the national Assembly for the next two weeks”.

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The chairman of the Meeting “has reaffirmed its role which is to defend the regular operation of the institution. In the light of the events of the last few days, it goes through the proper conduct of the work of the commission of inquiry and the resumption of legislative activity”, according to a press release from the presidency.

The proposed revision would have ended the past weekend

After this meeting, “it has been decided to maintain the order of the day this week. It was also agreed that the special session would not be extended”, is also shown. “Nobody asks that we extend the extraordinary session in the month of August (…) the commission of inquiry will be able to continue his work intensively this week and next week”, but “we’re not going to be able to resume the examination of the draft constitutional law”, confirmed Mr. de Rugy on France Inter. The proposed revision would have ended the past weekend, which seemed to already complicated before the case saw the stream of amendments, to be voted on Tuesday.

By the end of the session, “we have the draft law on vocational training, then the draft law on asylum and immigration, and the week after-the-fact to be able to conclude that different procedures for the adoptions final do”, he detailed.

The agenda of this week has not been amended by the conference of presidents, in particular, the maintenance of the new reading of the draft law on asylum and immigration, for which the minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb must be at the bench of the government. The opposition have advocated in vain for the reporter.

“The minister for Relations with Parliament will be the chair of the committee on laws to determine the conditions under which this text can be examined in parallel of the work of the commission of the laws,” according to the press release of the presidency.

The president of the Senate Gérard Larcher (LR) ruled on Monday that the timing and content of the constitutional reform him “appear to be rethought”. The conference of presidents of the Senate will discuss it on Wednesday.

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