Case Benalla : no investigation on the disappearance of its weapons before the search

Seized by a lawyer of the civil party, the prosecutor refused to expand the field of investigation to the investigating judges to a concealment of evidence, after the disappearance of a safe containing firearms in the home of Alexander Benalla before the search, said Friday a source in the judiciary.

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The former employee of the Elysée, in particular, put in examination for “violence in a meeting” to have been filmed in the process of a non-molestation of the demonstrators in Paris on may 1, place de la Contrescarpe, had said in custody to possess weapons that are declared in a cabinet strong. But the police had not found during their search, according to a source close to the folder.

No offense on the weapons in this folder to Alexander Benalla

Mr. Benalla was then explained to the judges that he had asked a “friend” to go pick up his wife, and “to recover everything that could be stolen, ( … ), and in particular the arms, for the sake of security because his home had been identified by the journalists, according to the same source.

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This item had led Me Yassine Bouzrou, counsel for the union police officer Vigi, the civil party in this case, to ask Tuesday that the judges investigate also on a “concealment of evidence”. During a search, investigators are, however, expected to search for evidence related to the offence or the alleged crime for which they are entered.

However, according to the justice source, as it is accused of any offence on the weapons in this folder to Alexander Benalla, it is not necessary to issue an indictment in addition, decided on Thursday the public prosecutor of Paris. Placed under judicial control, with a ban on the possession of weapons, the former deputy chief of staff to the president, Emmanuel Macron had finally reported those in its possession to the justice.

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“If the prosecutor of the Republic Paris in compliance with the act, it must allow the co-investigating judges independent to investigate the unidentified individual that gutted the apartment of Mr. Benalla before the search, because it resembles the concealment of evidence,” responded to AFP Me Bouzrou.

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