Case Benalla : Valls wants to “exemplary sanctions” but denies the case State

Manuel Valls has estimated that the case Benalla was not a “matter of State” and deemed “irresponsible” the “in issue” by Emmanuel Macron, while asking for “exemplary sanctions” and a “reorganization” of the protection of the head of the State “more than ever” under the aegis of the Interior.

“Serious crimes deserve exemplary sanctions and a real reorganization of the protection of the PR (president of the Republic, ED). More than ever the ministry of the Interior must be the leader. But it is not a matter of State. Keep the extent of the words”, writes the former Prime minister on Twitter.

“The Parliament plays its role through its commission of inquiry and justice acts with complete independence. But, in this case, the president of the Republic is irresponsible. Our institutions must be preserved and the presidential office defended”, said Manuel Valls, an mp related to The Republic in market (LREM).

The minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb was released Monday, before the Commission of inquiry of the Assembly, for any misconduct in the management of the case Benalla, referring to potential violations including the police prefect Michel Delpuech, who defended himself, and the director of the office of Emmanuel Macron.

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The director of cabinet of the Elysée, Patrick Strzoda, auditioned Tuesday

After Gérard Collomb and Michel Delpuech, the Commission of inquiry of the Assembly auditioned Tuesday, the director of cabinet of the Elysée, Patrick Strzoda, and his counterpart from the Inside, Stéphane Fratacci, heralding an unprecedented in the halls of power.

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The case of Benalla has started with the publication by The World of a video in which is identified the adviser to Mr. Macron by beating demonstrators on the 1st of may. Alexander Benalla, Vincent Crasis and three senior police officials suspected of having submitted to the advisor of the Elysée of the cctv footage of the incident was under investigation Sunday night: the first two in particular for “violence in a meeting” and the three officers for “violation of professional secrecy” and “misappropriation of images from a video surveillance system”.

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