Afghanistan news: Taliban says it ‘wants no conflict’ at Kabul conference as ‘women & children attacked at airport’

A TALIBAN leader has declared their victory a “proud moment for the nation” and vowed to rule Afghanistan with “law & order”.

Zabihullah Mujahid appeared in public for the first time after 20 years in the shadows after the fanatics’ stunning success in defeating the Afghan Government.

Holding a press conference in Kabul on Tuesday afternoon, Mujahid, according to a translation by al Jazeera, told journalists: “We do not have any grudges against anybody.

“We have pardoned anyone, all those who have fought against us. We don’t want to repeat any conflict, any war, again, and we want to do away with the factors for conflict.

“Therefore, the Islamic Emirate does not have any kind of hostility or animosity with anyone, animosities have come to an end, and we would like to live peacefully. We don’t want any internal enemies and any external enemies.”

But Taliban “death squads” have reportedly marked the doors of prominent Afghan women with paint as several female anchors are axed from TV in a chilling crackdown.

Female journalists in Afghanistan are fearing for their lives and many have been “taken off air” as the Taliban’s reign of terror begins after the jihadi army seized Kabul.

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