After Russian physicists built the world’s first ‘time machine’, Sun writers share where they would go on their time travels

IF you could turn back time, what point in your life would you head for?

This week the idea of travelling to the past came closer after scientists claimed it was possible.

Russian scientists have built world’s first ‘time machine’ in experiment which defies the laws of physics

A Russian experiment defied the law of physics which states that “time’s arrow” only goes from past to future.

While a Doctor Who-type Tardis is still a long way off, it is tempting to imagine reversing mistakes or reliving former glories.

We asked some of our writers where they would go on their time travels . . .

Rhian Sugden: Try harder to get Baywatch role

I WOULD travel back to the moment when I was asked to audition for the role of CJ in the most recent Baywatch film.

I received a call from the producers asking me to audition.


Rhian Sudgen would travel back to when she was given the opportunity to audition for the role of CJ in the most recent Baywatch film[/caption]

It was a huge opportunity for me that I did not embrace or take very seriously.

Instead of going to acting classes and trying to perfect my Californian accent, I fluffed the whole thing. I got my two best friends to record me reading a scene from the movie and we stupidly decided to do it after a bottle of wine for Dutch courage.

When I sent my audition tapes through I sounded more Irish than American and I missed out on a potentially huge role.

I just wish I had put my mind to it more, but I didn’t really have an interest in acting back then.

Kelly Rohrbach got the lead and looked amazing in it. The film wasn’t actually that great . . . but it would have been pretty cool to work alongside Zac Efron and The Rock.


Rhian Sugden wishes she had embraced the opportunity and taken it more seriously[/caption]

Tony Parsons: See the ’66 World Cup win

SET the controls for the best day of my childhood – Saturday July 30, 1966, a glorious day of sunshine and showers when England won the FIFA World Cup Final against West Germany.

Every second of it is etched in my mind – Nobby dancing, Bobby Moore’s golden aura and Kenneth Wolstenholme’s commentary.

Getty – Contributor

Tony Parsons would go back to July 30, 1966, when England won the FIFA World Cup Final against West Germany[/caption]

“There are people on the pitch – they think it’s all over – it is now!”

It was a day to make you believe in magic.

I watched it, aged 12, with my mum – my dad worked every weekend – and I squeaked “F***” when the Germans equalised to make it 2-2 at the end of normal time.

It was the only time in my life that I ever said “F***” in front of my mum.

Getty – Contributor

Tony remembers it was the first he said the ‘f word’ in front of his mum[/caption]

She forgave me immediately “as it’s the Germans,” she said, the Blitz still fresh in her memory after 25 years – and went to put the kettle on as we settled down for extra time.

It was a day of excitement, pride, patriotism, passion and pure, undiluted drama.

Lorraine Kelly: Fly in a fighter again

WHEN I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut (obviously) and also an RAF fighter pilot.

I was lucky enough to be taken up in a Phantom jet in September 2006, when I helped launch the annual air show at RAF Leuchars, in Fife.

Getty Images – Getty

Lorraine Kelly would like to go back to the moment she flew in a fighter[/caption]

Awesome is an overused word, but not in this case.

I was given training, poured into a G-suit and for the next hour I had the thrill ride of a lifetime.

Obviously I did nothing but sit there enthralled while not touching any important buttons.

We pulled three Gs, which was a bit like being cuddled by a gorilla, but women withstand G-Force better than men and, unlike Jeremy Clarkson, I managed not to throw up.

Dan Charity – The Sun

Lorraine was taken up in a Phantom jet in September 2006[/caption]

At one point I was upside down and flying so fast I felt I had left my body behind.

I wish I could go back in time to relive that moment again and again.

Alex James: Ride my new bike

I HAVE done a lot of really stupid things – often on purpose. When I told my mum I was leaving college to join a band she told me not to be stupid. But that actually worked out OK.

For sure I’ve taken plenty of bad advice over the years and committed countless, colossal clangers.

Alex James will relive the moment his 11-year-old self got his new racing bike

If I could go back in time I absolutely would but not to sort out any of my messes.

I’d like to make something that was totally brilliant even more mind-blowingly brilliant than it was to start with.

It would be to the summer of 1980. I’d just got my new racing bike. That bike was my first true taste of freedom.

I spent the whole summer tearing all over Dorset with my two best friends.

Oliver Dixon – The Sun

Ale James confesses he has taken plenty of bad advice over the years but he would not go back to sort out any of his messes[/caption]

I’m not sure anyone ever felt quite as free in the moment as that 11-year-old boy racing a new bike down a massive hill as fast as possible in the sunshine.

There’s no way I’d let my kids do it now. Far too many cars on the road. But I can remember exactly how it felt, clear as anything. Woo-hoo.

Toby Young: Buy a flat in N.Y.

I WOULD go back to the autumn of 1996, when I was living in New York.

My flatmate was in real estate and he had got wind of an apartment building, jointly owned by the residents, that had gone bankrupt.

Getty – Contributor

Toby Young would love to go back to the autumn of 1996 when he was offered the chance to buy a ridiculously cheap flat in New York[/caption]

He said you could now buy two-bedroom apartments in this building for as little as $25,000. It was a risk, since if it didn’t come out of bankruptcy I’d lose everything.

But the upside was that if it came out of bankruptcy, the flat would immediately multiply in value. He was going to buy one. Did I want to buy the one next door?

I owned a flat in London and could have drawn down on my mortgage to borrow the money.

Getty – Contributor

The flat he could have bought for $25,000 is now worth $2.5million[/caption]

I ummed and ahhed about it and, eventually, chickened out. You can probably guess the rest.

My flatmate bought an apartment for $25,000, the building’s finances were restored and it’s now worth $2.5million.

I would like nothing more than to use a time machine to buy the flat next door.



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