Agathe Auproux left Key not at my post, but not Cyril Hanouna

Agathe Auproux leaves “not Touch my position”, and this time, this is not a joke. The one who had announced his departure from the talk show December 2017, before revealing that it was a hoax, will be more present around the table of the columnists Cyril Hanouna at the back, showed our colleagues from “20 minutes”. The young woman does not leave the antenna of C8, as it will every Friday night in “Balance your post”, the new show by Cyril Hanouna. “I think I am more in my place (as in “TPMP”),” explained Agathe Auproux to “Remote Recreation”.

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On her departure she said : “It is a decision that I made myself. And then, with Cyril, we discussed Balance your post ! and we have found it to be consistent that I was part of it”. The columnist considers to have brought “what she could” to bring to “not Touch my position” and that it is time to pass the torch, a little over a year after having joined the band for “Baba”. “I had done the tour after a year rich in emotions, and other will do still a better job than me this season,” she added.

“Balance your post” will air every Friday night at 2310 on C8. Cyril Hanouna and new columnists, among which Doc, Gynecologist, Eric Naulleau, Bernard Laporte, or even Bertrand Chameroy comment on the news of the week “with humor, “and entertaining way décomplexante”. The first of the talk show will be aired on 21 September.

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