Age Gap Love viewers ‘gobsmacked’ after woman, 28, marries her 69-year-old STEPFATHER… and others claim the ‘disgusting’ marriage left them ‘feeling sick’

IT’S the show that never fails to shock us and tonight’s episode of Age Gap Love left viewers absolutely ‘gob-smacked’.

Tonight’s instalment of the shocking new Channel 5 series followed 28-year-old Sarah who married her former STEPFATHER –  a man 41 years her senior.

Age Gap Love/Channel 5

There’s a whopping 41 year gap between this married couple[/caption]

Sarah, from South Wales, first met future husband David, 69, the day before her mum’s wedding – when she was just 14 years old.

Four years later, the couple tied the knot themselves at a local registry office.

But unsurprisingly, it wasn’t the family-filled day they had hoped for.

Having developed a close friendship while David was still married to Sarah’s mum, the couple only went public with their relationship after the marriage had broken down.

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Sarah, 28, first met her husband David, 69, when he married her mother[/caption]

Reflecting on their first meeting when she was just 14, Sarah said: “Me and David just had a natural friendship and enjoyed each other’s company and could talk and laugh and be friends.”

While pensioner David added: “There’s a physical age gap, but there isn’t a mental gap. I’m young…

After the unlikely couple fell for each other – despite their 41 year age gap – Sarah’s family refused to have anything more to do with the couple.

Age Gap Love/Channel 5

Unsurprisingly, the bride’s family didn’t approve of the unconventional relationship and have had no contact with the couple since they married 10 years ago[/caption]

Sarah confessed: “My family completely disowned me. They didn’t agree with it at all.”

So when it came to tying the knot, the bride instead had her DOG walk her down the aisle.

Seeing the funny side of the family’s disapproval, David said: “I was very, very nervous until I saw you walking down the aisle with the dog.

“How many people have a dog as a bridesmaid?”

Unsurprisingly, the unconventional relationship – and the circumstances as to how the couple got together –  sparked outrage on social media.

Commenting on the 41-year difference between the husband and wife, one user wrote: “As if the age gap wasn’t bag enough, this girl ended up marrying her mum’s ex husband.”

Another added: “Married to her stepdad! There’s a line you don’t cross! Disgusting, no wonder their family disowned them!”

One viewer was left ‘gobsmacked’ by the unconventional relationship
Another viewer said the show left him ‘feeling sick’


Another critic said Sarah and David’s story was ‘creeping’ her out[/caption]

Just minutes into Rachel and David’s episode, one user wrote: “This Age Gap Love show on Channel 5 is already making me feel a bit sick.”

No stranger to criticism, the couple are now planning a vow renewal service to mark their 10th anniversary.

A decade since she first tied the knot with her former step-father, Sarah added: “We’ve got a lot more friends and family so we can have another wedding, even though it’s not a wedding.”

Age Gap Love airs on Channel 5 on Wednesdays at 10pm.

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