Ahed Tamimi, 17 years old, and icon, a palestinian got out of prison

Ahed Tamimi, a teenage girl became the icon of the palestinian resistance against the israeli occupation after having slapped two israeli soldiers, is out of jail on Sunday, after eight months of detention. The young 17 year old girl and her mother, Narimane, also imprisoned following the incident, have been transferred from the prison Sharon in Israel to the occupied west bank where they are resident, said Assaf Librati, spokesman of the prison.

They were taken by israeli soldiers into their village of Nabi Saleh. In tears, the teenager has embraced the members of his family and the supporters who came to greet, on a small path leading to the village.

Then, the father, Bassem, mentored his daughter, and his wife, has accompanied up to the family home, under the shouts of the crowd chanting : “We want to live free !”

Facing a wall of cameras, the shoulders covered with a headgear, shawl, white and black symbol of the palestinian resistance, Ahed Tamimi has expressed gratitude to the crowd that had come to welcome him.

“The resistance will continue until the occupation ends”, she shouted, her voice covered by the shouts of his supporters.

The teenager was visiting relatives who have lost one of their own, killed in June during clashes with israeli soldiers.

She then placed flowers on the tomb of palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, in Ramallah and visited the headquarters of the palestinian Authority, without it being confirmed if a meeting with the palestinian president would take place. She will give a press conference in the afternoon.

The israeli authorities were keen to limit the media coverage around the release of Ahed Tamimi and her mother, including by disseminating contradictory information on the place by which they were supposed to go in the occupied west bank.

Saturday, two Italians and a Palestinian were arrested after painting the face now famous, the teenager with long, blond curls on the separation wall being built by Israel in the occupied west bank.

The teenager has celebrated its 17 years in prison

Ahed Tamimi had been arrested on 19 December 2017, a few days after being filmed in a video that has become viral on the internet.

The images showed her being close with her cousin Nour Tamimi of two israeli soldiers, backed on a wall, in the courtyard of his house in Nabi Saleh, a village in the west bank, a palestinian territory occupied by Israel since more than 50 years.

The two girls ask them to leave the premises and then give them kicks and punches and slaps.

The Palestinians praise Ahed Tamimi as an example of courage in the face of abuse the israelis in the occupied palestinian Territories. The teenager has been hailed by the president of the palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas and celebrated on the social networks.

The Israelis themselves, however, consider that the teenage girl is abused by her family, the girl having already been involved previously in a series of incidents with the soldiers, whose images had been around the world.

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For the defenders of Human rights, the case of Tamimi is also a symbol that has shed light on the practices of the israeli military courts and their conviction rate is very high -99%- of Palestinians. The west bank is a territory occupied militarily by Israel, the Palestinians who live there are judged in military courts.

“Israel imprisoning a child for eight months (…) reflects the endemic discrimination, the absence of a formal procedure and the ill-treatment of children”, has tweeted Sunday, ” Omar Shakir, director of Human Rights Watch in Israel.

“Hundreds of palestinian children remain behind bars and have no attention”, he added.

Ahed Tamimi was 16 years old at the time of his arrest. Sentenced to eight months in prison on march 21, at the conclusion of an agreement is said to “plead guilty”, the teenager has celebrated its 17 years in prison. His cousin had been released in march.

The teenager and his mother were released three weeks in advance, a practice that is frequent due to the overcrowding of the prisons, stated to AFP the lawyer of the two women, Gaby Lasky.

The adolescent is seen to impose a sentence almost as heavy -eight months in prison – the israeli soldier Elor Azaria and sentenced to nine months for having shot dead an assailant palestinian wounded, who was no longer a threat.

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