Air hostess is regularly mistaken for Meghan Markle on flights and confused passengers ask why she is working on a plane

AN AIR hostess has revealed how she gets mistaken for Meghan Markle every day during flights.

US-based Christine Mathis, 32, said that she started getting compared to the Duchess of Sussex, 38, when Meghan first starred on TV show Suits in 2011. 


Air hostess Christine Mathis said she is regularly compared to Meghan Markle[/caption]

Mum-of-one Christine said the comparison spiralled when Meghan began dating Prince Harry, 35, and airport security would only believe she wasn’t Meghan when they saw her passport. 

The JetBlue air hostess said so many passengers came up to her asking if she was the actress that she has now signed up to work as a Meghan lookalike. 

According to the Daily Star, Christine said: “I started getting mistaken for Meghan years ago when I worked in first class.

“Passengers would stop me and say I looked like ‘that girl from Suits’.


Passengers regularly ask Christine why she is working on a plane[/caption]


Mum-of-one Christine said the comparison spiralled when Meghan began dating Prince Harry, 35 [/caption]

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Christine said she sometimes has to give her passport to security so they believe she isn’t the Duchess of Sussex, pictured[/caption]


Christine now wants to do corporate and TV work [/caption]

“It happened a few times, so I googled Meghan and it was really flattering. She’s stunning, so it’s definitely a compliment.

“I do see the resemblance. Meghan and I are both mixed race – my dad is African-American and Italian and her mum is African-American.”

She added how she had a mole removed and her dermatologist was convinced she was the actress under a fake name.

Christine added: “Passengers always tell me I look like her and say to me, ‘You’re married to a prince, why are you working as an air hostess?”


Christine, pictured, now hopes to cash in as a Meghan Markle double [/caption]

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Christine’s dream is to play the duchess, pictured, in a movie[/caption]

The air hostess, who shares her daughter Alana with warehouse supervisor Pablo Smith, 37, said she doesn’t mind the comparisons and finds it “flattering” as she’s an “amazing woman.”

Christine now hopes to cash in as a Meghan Markle double, and has already done a shoot with a Prince Harry lookalike. 

She said: “I want to do corporate and TV work, but my absolute dream would be to play Meghan in a movie about her.”

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