Aldi’s Christmas menu includes pigs in blankets in Yorkshire puddings and edible baubles

THERE may be nearly five months till Christmas but that hasn’t stopped The Sun getting a sneak peak at Aldi’s new festive menu.

Treats you’ll be able to feast on come December include Aldi’s new ” Specially Selected loaded Yorkshire puddings”.

These miniature Yorkshire puddings are filled with stuffing as well as a pig in blanket

This sees miniature Yorkshire puddings filled with sage and onion stuffings balls and topped with a pig in blanket, and we reckon they’d be perfect as a Christmas side dish or as a canape at festive gatherings.

There’s also an incredible looking giant chocolate bauble, which is made with gingerbread-flavoured white chocolate and filled with a fruit and nut centre.

The show-stopper, which is part of Aldi’s Specially Selected range, also comes complete with a selection of chocolates.

Sadly, Aldi hasn’t released its Christmas prices yet or its nutritional value for its new range, which means we can’t compare it on price or calories.

This giant chocolate bauble looks delicious

We also don’t know exactly when the items will launch.

But we’ve picked out some more of our favourite bits to watch out for when it does get closer to the big day.

Here’s what you need to know.

Gingerbread dough set

You can make a cute gingerbread house with this set

Make your own gingerbread men with this cute dough set.

Last year, Aldi sold a similar 3D DIY gingerbread house set for just £3.49 – and it included all the cutters.

Christmas chocolates

We hope these miniature chocolates don’t taste like Brussels sprouts

These cute Christmas chocolates are part of Aldi’s Moser Roth range and feature sweet treats that look like Christmas puddings and Brussels sprouts – we just hope they don’t taste like actual vegetable.

Although if you want to start stocking up early, Sainsbury’s has 90g bags of milk chocolate sprouts for just 10p.

These cheese-stuffed bacon treats make an interesting addition to Christmas lunch

An interesting new addition to your festive feast are these Specially Selected bite-size bacon treats stuffed with cheddar cheese and topped with raisins.

We couldn’t find anything similar being sold at the other major supermarkets – at least not yet.

Of course Aldi is selling pigs in blankets this year

Last Christmas, supermarkets went mad for pigs in blankets with Aldi selling a £3 foot long pig in blanket as well as a £2.99 pack of triple pigs in blankets.

And it appears the trend is set to continue this year with Aldi selling these Specially Selected chipolatas wrapped in bacon, as well as the traditional mini versions.

Salted caramel makes an unusual addition to these mince pies

These Specially Selected mince pies have an unusual twist with their crumble topping and their gooey salted caramel insides.

Aldi also sold six-packs of salted caramel mince pies last year for £1.99 but these were topped with traditional shortcrust pastry rather than topped with crumble.

This sticky toffee pudding could make an impressive centrepiece

This Specially Selected sticky toffee pudding with its golden exterior could make the perfect addition to any festive feast – if you can find room for it.

We couldn’t find anything similar being sold elsewhere, although Aldi’s regular 450g sticky toffee pudding costs £2.29.

Aldi will be selling traditional mince pies

Aldi of course is selling traditional mince pies again this year.

Aldi shakes up mince pies with these sloe gin flavoured tarts

If you don’t fancy a traditional mince pie perhaps these Specially Selected sloe gin mince tarts will take your fancy instead?

Aldi sold a similar box of six sloe gin flavoured mince pies last year, which were also topped with almonds, for £2.49.

From face cream to wagyu burgers, these are the discontinued Aldi products shoppers most want it to bring back.

But there’s good news for meat lovers as Aldi has announced the return of its massive tomahawk steak – and it’s cheaper than the Lidl version.

Its gins have also recently won top prize in a world-renowned competition – and they’re less than £16.

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