Alert heatwave : 5 beauty products to keep it in the fridge

BEAUTY – When it is very hot, nail varnish, mascara, red lipstick… must be kept cool. It explains you.

Varnish that hardens in the pot, the mascara dries… when it is too hot, our beauty products are suffering – as we are – of high temperatures and will degrade very quickly. To avoid having to throw away a large part of his vanity at the end of the summer, Grazia delivers the list of beauty products to keep in the refrigerator so that they do not deteriorate too quickly and keep their properties intact. To the point that we wonder if a mini fridge in the bathroom would not be a genius idea !

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1. The varnish. It is a good rule to adopt : it still retains its nail varnish in the fridge, no matter what time of the year. For this to be more simple, you place them all in a plastic box so that they do not wander everywhere. Cool, they will keep longer liquid texture easy to spread, rather than dry out with time and temperature variations.

2. The mascara, eyliner and lipstick. And in general all the creams for the contour of the eyes and/or have active principles that are to be included in the fee. This will be perfect to further strengthen the capacity moisturizing and refreshing your beauty products. About the mascara, it avoids simply it dries and becomes too compact to be applied on to the eyelashes. Ditto for the red lipstick that could eventually crack, or even melt.

3. The masks of the face. They are also to keep them in the fridge. Especially those that contain thealoe vera or hyaluronic acid. All the more useful if your face has caught the sun in the day and that you make a mask in the evening. Its freshness will be all the more pleasant on the skin.

4. Creams based on aloe vera. We talked about just above, the aloe vera keeps better in the fridge. Especially if you decide to calm down the sunburn. This will make you shiver at first but the effect will be so nice in a second time.

5. Oil for the face. In general, it is better to keep the oils (food or cosmetics) in the dark to slow their degradation, accelerated by the light. Attention, however, is the setting of your refrigerator : the oil could freeze. If this is the case, just store your oils in a closet, the temperature variations are limited (we will avoid the bathroom placed right next to the shower).


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