Alex Salmond inquiry LIVE: Nicola Sturgeon finishes evidence but MSP ‘not satisfied’ with answer over Salmond meeting

NICOLA Sturgeon has finished giving evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Alex Salmond inquiry – but MSPs were “not satisfied” with her answer over a meeting with her old boss.

The First Minister was pressed on why she had not immediately reported her meeting with Mr Salmond, when he told her about the complaint, to civil servants.

Earlier Ms Sturgeon admitted her refusal to intervene in the Scottish Government’s investigation had “big implications” for her relationship with Mr Salmond.

Ms Sturgeon told the committee she feared her old mentor might quit the SNP and hold a press conference to try and “take control of the narrative”.

She insisted there wasn’t a fishing expedition to find new complainers against her former boss after initial claims were referred to police.

Ms Sturgeon looked visibly upset as she admitted she had trusted Mr Salmond – and says she’s had to “rethink certain thoughts” about him over the past two years.


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