Alexander Benalla is expressed for the first time : “I feel I have made a big stupidity”

He shaved the beard for the occasion. Alexander Benalla, a former chargé de mission of the Elysée accused of molesting two people during protests on the 1st of may, has agreed to answer questions from the newspaper which revealed his actions a week earlier, The World, Wednesday, July 25. Selected pieces.

His actions

“I do not ask to be an observer. I’m invited to be on site by Laurent Simonin, chief of staff to the prefecture of police (…) This fault, she is more of a political point of view : I would never have had to go to this event as an observer, then I would have, perhaps, had to stay behind (…). It has tried to reach me, me ‘kill’, and it was an opportunity also to reach the president of the Republic. The facts, I assume, I’m not in the conspiracy theory, this is the reality (…). It is a way to catch the president of the Republic by the neck. I was the point of entry to reach it, the weakest link.”

His version of the facts

“Fifty young people are in the middle of the square, ( … ). It is urban guerilla warfare, masked people, with arms of honor. The CRS does not know who it is, nobody knows. There was a time when I see these two people, this couple who enlaçait tenderly in the middle of the place five minutes before. They had insulted him before, they had been spotted, they were the most restless of the band. The girl tries to grab a table, she can’t, she throws a chair. His boyfriend puts himself in the middle of the square, he throws a bottle, it arrives on the head of a CRS. She picks up the bottle, it lands on the shoulder of a CRS, it is the arm of honor (…) What is going on in my head, it is : if you stay here to do anything, we will be isolated, and in addition, it is necessary to give a helping hand, we’re not going to let him make offenders ; throw projectiles on a CRS, it is voluntary violence, is a crime punished by imprisonment, it is very clear in my head. And the fault that I make at this time, it is going there. And leave aside my functions at the Elysée.”

The penalty

“I didn’t agree with the punishment, but I accepted it. Patrick Strzoda reminds me of in the day. He said to me : ‘I’ve seen Alexis Kohler [general secretary of the Elysée], you are going to put a fifteen-day suspension without pay and we will see what will be your duties when you return.’ A few days after my return, on the occasion of an event in the palace, he takes me apart and tells me things. He said to me : ‘It is a serious fault, it’s going to be complicated and it is necessary to assume.’ He explains to me that it does not take away the confidence he has in me, but I made a big mistake.”

His relationship with Emmanuel Macron since the beginning of the Case

“If there is a problem with the president of the Republic, it must not be caused by a collaborator. This is someone who had — and still has, I think, trust in me, in my daily action (…) necessarily mean that there is disappointment, necessarily, that there must be a sense of betrayal… for Me, I don’t have the feeling of having betrayed the president of the Republic, I have the feeling I have made a big mistake. And to have committed misconduct.”

His meeting with Emmanuel Macron

“In the summer of 2016, a buddy calls me and tells me : ‘Alexander, Emmanuel Macron will probably begin in the battle for the presidential election.’ It was a period, after his resignation, on 30 August, where the government refuses to maintain its security officers. However, it is a personality when exposed. Gradually, I moved to new functions : the director of the safety and security of the movement In walking (…). In fact, my functions, this is pure and simple, because the people At the walk ! are inexperienced.”

His relationship with Emmanuel Macron before the Case

“Macron is someone who is very easy to access, which has a charism. With him, you’re comfortable right away. I met a lot of “stupid” policies, but in him, there is something more that emerges. I’ve always vouvoyé, he is the president of the Republic, not of familiarity between him and me.”

Its missions

“Me, I’ll take care of the private affairs of the president of the Republic, because he has a life beside of its functions, with Brigitte Macron, a French normal. He goes to the theatre, to restaurants, on vacation… I am always present, with the grouping of security of the presidency of the Republic (GSPR) and the private service of the president.”

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