Alexandre Brasseur in love since 30 years : he confides on his life as a couple

Alexandre Brasseur knows a real success in the series on TF1, Tomorrow belongs to us. Since 2017, it creeps into the skin of his character, Alex Bertrand, a man who had lived a beautiful love story with Chloe for twenty years before the fool, the routine being too heavy. In real life, Alexandre Brasseur does not tire of Juliette, the woman who shared his life for thirty years.

The lovebirds met in a nightclub : “I fell in love right away, very fast, very strong. Has death. His head, his body, his sense of humour…”, has entrusted the actor of 47 years in the pages of Gala (out on newsstands July 25). The couple married a few years later and gave birth to two children : Louis, aged 19, and Joan, 17 years old. A love story as there is little in the world of cinema. A family life is not always easy to organize since Alexander Brewer has gone to live in Sète for the shooting of” Tomorrow belongs to us then that Juliette and her children remained in Paris.

Despite the love they are, the lovebirds have been several times to the edge of the rupture as explained in the actor : “there Was a time when Juliette is a party. I was doing a lot to the party, I went over to the house…”, leaving his wife to continue : “Our children were four and six years. Alexander, who is a partier, could spend the night out with his buddies. It was like that since always, “she says. One evening, I said to myself that I could not offer this model of life to my children. I am part of, and remained unreachable for three or four days…”

A real click for Alexandre Brasseur : “I called his parents, I did everything I could to retrieve it, “he says. Juliette, in the couple, it is the person posed, stable, and square. Me, I’m the grain of madness. But it is not necessary that this grain grinds to a halt the machine. I’m very excessive, entire, rather obsessive. I was the king of the night time since my sixteen years. I have changed. My obsession, today, I brings it back into the job“.

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