Alison Hammond reveals inner battle over losing weight as she admits wishing ‘everything was as easy as getting fat’

ALISON Hammond has revealed her inner weight loss battle by telling her fans, “I wish everything was as easy as getting Fat!”

The This Morning host , 45, took to Twitter over the weekend to post the comment, which was liked by 40,000 people.

Many replied that they “knew that feeling”, and even more reassured Alison that she was great as she is.

One posted: “I think it’s easy to say that I think you are a diamond broadcaster and presenter, and I think you are a lovely gorgeous lady.. and I mean it.. x.”

While another wrote: “Alison, you are lovely as you are, it’s not about how big a person is, it’s what’s inside and personality that counts, and you have that in spades.”

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Alison Hammond said she ‘wished everything was as easy as getting fat’[/caption]

In November TV star Alison revealed she is pre-diabetic – and begged This Morning viewers to stop her eating chocolate and sweets.

The presenter shared her “serious” health scare after being told she risks being diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes.

The 45-year-old said the situation was ‘serious’ and she needed help to kick her sugar habit.

Alison Hammond is pre-diabetic

After reporting on I’m A Celebrity on the ITV daytime show today, the mood changed when Alison told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

“I’ve had some news, guys and I’m willing to share if you’ve got the time,” said Alison.

“I’ve just found out I’m pre-diabetic.

“I need your help. I have really got to change my ways.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby offered their support

“I need help from you guys at home. If you see me out there buying any chocolate or sweets, please, I’m begging you, I’m not allowed to have it.

“I really have to change my ways. This is serious now. 

“I wanted you to know. There are a lot of people out there like this.

“I have a chance to turn this around, it’s type two so I really want your help.”

Holly told Alison: “We’re right here beside you.”

Lifting the mood, Phil joked: “If I see you with anything in your hand I will use a stick to swipe it out of your hand.”


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